Pbbbbbbft! Where did March go?

Dear Friends,
I am SO far behind on My Color of The Week posts! It's not even funny!
There is a rainbow up there somewhere shaking her fist at me!

If you thought FOUR weeks in one post was bad... Close your eyes, close this page fast.... Because there are SIX in this one!!!

Ha! Just doing my job and shocking you out of your daily grind at every turn my friends!


My week was gauzy.
Like a cherub choir.
Like watching my baby dance.
Like tears and laughs as my boy turns five.
Like packing to go on an adventure
Like scrappin' with my mom.
Like embracing family.
Like feeling cherished.

It was gauzy lavender.
Like a rare treat.
Like sweet congratulations for a girl I watched grow up.
Like the taste of memories.
Like feeling better after a strong-hold cold.
Like watching my girl try new things and love them.
Like an evening of costumes and girly giggles.
Like a gypsy belle.


My week was stunning.
Like a peacock plume.
Like a potluck amongst friends.
Like trading two littles for two bigs.
Like happy news from the tax man.
Like the house staying clean for five minutes.
Like Lego-mania in my living room.
Like a rainbow city.

It was stunning plum.
Like a legend.
Like two brothers in the house.
Like history projects for hours.
Like speed-trippin' through the zoo.
Like an energy bonanza.
Like Johnny-jump-ups.


My week was clear.
Like a lake crest.
Like the joy of cleaned out cupboards washing over me.
Like the splash of boyish laughter ringing from the walls.
Like sprinkles of missing my own two.
Like the sense of anticipation.
Like Spring in the air.
Like a wildflower wind.

It was clear blue.
Like blue Heaven.
Like my unclouded mind.
Like dreams of planting.
Like sister hugs.
Like a day of pampering to put things in prospective.
Like love in the big picture.
Like an aerial view.


My week was captivating.
Like cosmos blue.
Like a fresh-flower-sister-helper.
Like fellowship abounding.
Like inner giggles and outer guffaws.
Like worries about choices.
Like finding the "umph" again.
Like blue flame.

It was captivating cornflower.
Like a blue parrot.
Like a baby trying to say it all.
Like flying paper Carp kites.
Like the whizzing of our brains while contemplating planetary science.
Like concentration.
Like productive, orderly routine.
Like blue tile.


My week was glossy.
Like deep pleasure.
Like special company of two.
like a surprise.
Like learning a new game.
Like hysterical laughter.
Like the best of times.
Like worthwhile pastimes.
Like a rosy kiss.

It was glossy rose.
Like a princess pearl.
Like another adventure.
Like helpfulness.
Like the gift of time.
Like shining remembrances.
Like reunions of old friends.
Like a joyful outing.
Like a scenic shell.


My week was pensive.
Like a sonata.
Like dancing to life's music.
Like loving the days.
Like learning for life.
Like finding the steps.
Like facing the facts.
Like listening for truth.
Like a whisper.

It was purely pensive.
like quiet stillness.
Like meditation.
Like realization.
Like the security of a "normal" day.
Like sweet reassurance.
Like examples in my children.
Like earnest youthful prayers.
Like embracing the new little life of a friend.
Like a gentle spirit.


The days go by, the weeks too... soon the months.
We are together.
We are happy.
We are alive.

And most of the time...
that's enough.

A Fiffer-feffer-fluff in NE

P.S. You comments on 'One Of "The Pretty One's"...' touched my heart and made me smile... thank you!  -- I wasn't fishing for complements... REALLY! But thank you none the less.


  1. Ohhh, Ohhh! What an absolutely beautiful baby!!
    I also would love a copy of that picture of your lovely musicians if I may... :)

    Coloring my world with smiles!

  2. Such vibrant days. I love your color project... you'll make a book of them all when you're through?

  3. dear Flowing Colors,

    Yes, I am echoing Amy's book idea! It would be a treasure. These truely are sweet days, that make up sweet weeks, months and years. I keep thinking of that quote we see now and then: Treasure the little things, for one day we look back and realize they are big things. I think that is true about the days...the 'normal, ordinary' days. Full of the colors of LIFE when pieced together, make up a stunning quilt someday when its done.

    So happy to be able to see the beauties along lifes way


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