Our "Here"

Dear Friends,
Here we are...
At home.


Here we make the best of what we can get.
Winning or losing.

Here we have a little hillbilly and a lot of imagination.

Here we celebrate milestones and victories together.
Happy Birthday, Kit-Kat!


Here we give thanks for helpers.
We need all the help we can get.

Here even the Pirates sing hymns of praise to our Lord.


Here we are ambushed by boy toys.


And sprinkled with princess play.


Here we read to ourselves...
oh, how those lashes slay me!


Or to each other.

Here we give each other "that look".


Here we are excited about Spring.
We watch as the trees get their skirts shortened for Summer.
Here we dance a merry jig.

Here we get snow in April.
Here we are used to bipolar weather and Mother Nature's mood swings.

Here we bask in the comfort of home.
some of us more dressed than others.

Here we enjoy the final fires of the season...
Blowing kisses sticky with marshmallow goo at the waning sparks.

Here we sometimes pout for no good reason.
Here we get over it.

Yes, my friends...
Our "here" is a pretty good place to be.

Here in NE


  1. Nothing like commenting on your post 15 minutes after you push that "publish" button. What a very lovely remembering post. It's those ordinary days that are the stuff life is made from. The thread that connects the more exciting days of life, like beads on a string.

  2. Love it. I wish we were "here" more often. It looks like a great place to be. Working on that.

  3. I can't wait to visit you there...or should I say, here?

  4. What a wonderful "here" you're making for your family, building memories that will stay with them - and you - forever. I can't believe how grown up your baby looks!

  5. Loving the "here"--Home is where the heart is!

  6. dear at Home,

    I love how you see life!

    I love when you are Here....and there!

    I love you!

    Just the Mom enjoying our HERE


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