February Was PINK, I Think!

Dear Friends,
*Whew* What a whirl-wind February was.
A gusty, twisting, turning Tornado of

My week was soft.
Like a satin doll.
Like the comical expressions played on faces as we read.
Like childish hands and feet.
Like Mr. Loggerhead caring for his family.
Like the glow of marking it all off the list.
Like a rosy aura.

It was soft pink.
Like a pink promenade.
Like a parade of desserts.
Like a tea party with friends.
Like the laughter and *snip*snip* of making Valentines.
Like being welcomed in.
Like my tiny pink baby sister, twenty three years ago.
Like countless sister memories.
Like satin roses.


My week was marvelous.
Like a jar of potpourri.
Like the sweet smell of home.
Like savoring all the activity.
Like Sunday dinner with the Krew.
Like everyone chiming in.
Like delightful chaos and fruity humor.
Like mixed berries.

It was marvelous mauve.
Like plum cabaret.
Like a giddy little dance.
Like flying high on scrapbooking.
Like staying up all night.
Like documenting our stories.
Like a timeless feeling.
Like Victorian garnet.


This week was sweet.
Like a satin serenade.
Like missing my sweetheart.
Like loving my family.
Like a blended rejoicing and melancholy tune.
Like treats from Papa.
Like silliness and sonnets.
Like a touch of raspberry.

It was sweetly pink.
Like a lovely lady.
Like my mother.
Like visits to my Auntie's.
Like letters from Argentina.
Like delicate decorations and desserts.
Like precious fellowship.
Like fine lace.


My week was bright.
Like oriental coral.
Like finding everything needed and unneeded at my favorite store.
Like getting back into routine.
Like prickly attitudes finally softening in the sun.
Like a few breaths of warmth.
Like shining moments.
Like settling our space.
Like a coral flower.

It was bright salmon.
Like pink Chablis.
Like shaking things up.
Like bubbling over with energy.
Like rearranging the whole house.
Like relishing a day of company.
Like singing together.
Like sweet talk.


So there you go! Told you it was PINK!

--- Did you catch any pink in February?

Pinkalicious in NE


  1. Color of my February - I think it was mostly blue. With a little yellow thrown in. But mostly blue. It was a month I am not sad to say good bye to. I can look forward to the yellow rays of sunshine and hope. Yep, I'm choosing to see yellow for a while. Every now and then I know a little blue will sneak in. I'll acknowledge it then put it back in its place.

  2. Well I was about ready to say, that you could just wrap it up as "Pretty in Pink" month. That was until you threw in the coral. ;-) Thanks for catching us up...don't want to leave me hanging. :-)

  3. dear Pinky-pink,

    I love these color-life-views. And glad February was colored extra sweet with that 2 weeks you spent here!

    The pink parts with hearts especially


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