Carpe Diem (Giveaway)

Dear Friends,

I'm grabbing hold of this moment.
Seizing the day.

Why this day?
One year ago today I began this little blogging habit of mine.

I remember it clearly. It wasn't a hasty decision. I even discussed it with my husband. Creating an Internet presence (however small and insignificant) didn't seem like something to take lightly.

Why did I do it?
Mostly for the writing exercise. It settles my thoughts to put them down somewhere.

And also for the purpose of sharing.
With you.
To share the beauty I see all around me to remind you to look around your world for the little things that make it lovely beyond belief.
To share the laughter that bubbles up at the silliness of my life. We all need more reasons to smile.
Lastly, to share the lessons I keep having slapped in my face due to my own clumsy thinking and aptitude for getting into tangled messes - in hopes you may not have to learn them the hard way yourself.

Blogging has meant more to me than I could have imagined.

I have learned so much.
Learned to watch for the small things.
Learned to hug tighter.
Learned to laugh longer.

I've learned from each of you.
You have amazed me.

Your shared wisdom, humor and  encouragement have touched my heart in so many ways.
You friendship has changed my life.
I haven't met you all but I'd love to.
Those who I have met left impressions that linger in my heart like the long-lasting taste of summer fruits, rich, fresh and warmed by the sun.

So today I want to take a moment to say thank each one of you.

Good gravy, I love y'all!

Thank you for make this year of blogging one of enrichment and joy.

As a symbol of my gratitude I am giving away this Pink Longaberger Horizon of Hope Travel Mug.

For a chance to win just leave a comment telling me something I don't already know about you - even if it's only how you take your coffee. One of my favorite parts of blogging is learning more about each of you. 

For more chances to win:
Be a Prairie Hen follower.
Share a link to this drawing on Twitter or Facebook.
Blog about this drawing on your own blog.

For the extra entries just leave an additional comment for each thing you did telling me about it.

Enter by 11:59 PM on Friday, October 15, 2010
Winner will be announced Saturday morning.

Carpe Diem!

Looking Forward to More Prairie Days in NE


  1. Happy Blogging Anniversary!!!!!
    What a wonderful giveaway.
    I take my cream with a little coffee, although I am trying to reduce sugar in my life. So every day I inch towards a little cream in my coffee.

  2. Hey Raimie Lou Greetings from a Marine Mom....
    Good Bloggin for a year! I take my coffee black!

  3. One year already?? In some ways I can't believe it's been that long, it others it seems like you've been a part of my life forever. ;) So...something you don't know about me - well, hum...I did a "tour of the South East" before I got married. Moved from TX to AR to MS to GA back to TX. Then to FL and back to TX again.

  4. I'm already a follower...another thing you didn't know you didn't know...I don't think I was ever a "stalker" on your blog. I think I said a big 'ole Texas Howdy on one of your first posts. ;)

  5. Hey Raimie! Congrats on your year anniversary! Love the blog and just being able to stay in touch with you! I drink flavored coffee with cream and splenda - especially yummy in a pink Longaberger mug!
    ~ Suzanne Exstrom

  6. Well...I put a link to it on FB...but it doesn't look like your link with the cute little picture and all. Hummm...anyway...it's on there! Maybe all 3?? of my "friends" will come visit your site. ;)

  7. dear First-year-Blogger-girl-o-mine,

    Happy Blog-aversary! i remember this day a year ago too....you KNOW where we were!! Sure glad you decided to do it, i enjoy it so much.

    I doubt there is anything you don't already know about me....so i will just sign off with

    Taking my coffee....first thing in the morning

  8. Hello to all you dear folks! I take my coffee in the biggest mug I can find~ which just happens to be a cousin to this pretty pink one! :D Hmm, what don't you know about me.... I love to write and think it would be great to have a book (or 2 ;)) published some day.

  9. one year? time flies when your having fun (reading blogs)
    I'm already a follower.

  10. Just as soon as I leave here, I'll post about this on my blog.

  11. i think i need to 're-friend' you on facebook.. since i reactivated my account.. then I'll post about your giveaway there too!

  12. something you don't know about me?

    I'm probably the only one of your blog readers that does NOT like coffee! can.not stand it.. no matter how much you disguise it. I've tried and tried to like it, no luck. I'd put hot apple cider in that mug if I won :)

  13. I like my coffee with lots of sugar and creamer!! and I will laugh if I win!! So cross my fingers I don't!

  14. So not sure if this counts..but one thing you don't know is I'm crazy about Starbucks!!

  15. Something you don't know...hmmm, that'd probably be me!! :o) Heather shared your blog link with me! :o)

  16. I love your blog. One thing you may not know about me, is you are the reason I blog. But, you other friend is not the only one that doesn't like coffee. But, you know a lot of other things!

  17. And I pasted you on facebook. Wow, you don't know how lucky you are that I did that!! Since I don't usually do things like that, but I wouldn't mind having a pink mug either Another thing you don't know about me is that I can drink a pint of tea in one go, which I didn't know either until yesterday. But I wouldn't advise it.

  18. Okay, something you don't know about me....

    I have only taken a trip by airplane 4 times in my life. North Dakota; Washington D.C.; Miami, Florida; and Austin Texas.

    And I prefer tea to coffee! ;)

  19. Now I'm an "official" follower!

    Something else about me...

    I had "Carpe Diem" on the back of my highschool letterman's jacket.

  20. I've been thinking for two days trying to come up with something about me that you DON'T know!
    You already know I don't like coffee...

    So we'll go with this... I love drinking out of nice mugs / glasses.
    I will pick a heavy glass or mug out of the cupboard for a drink (even just water) before I'll go for a non-glass glass!

  21. I'm a friend of All American Family and saw her FB link, although I must confess to lurking without commenting for several months of your 1st year - even before you became the prairie hen...(Gasp!) I was "referred" by lmand12js. I like my coffee black, unless I'm having an espresso drink, then it's a double shot skinny mocha with a splash of irish cream. Love the pictures, humor and sensitivity captured by your blog.

  22. :) Happy One Year Anniversary! I have a blog that hasn't been updated in over 2 years... oops! It's fun but I don't take the time to keep it up and I never get my pics in the order I want! Maybe ya didn't know that either... ?
    Gina B

  23. Plus also, blogging runs in families. My sis has a great blog!! :)

  24. dear Sweet Carpe Diem,

    I am SOOOOO a follower of your blog.

    Following along

  25. um, something you don't know about me......I love peanut butter & dill pickle sandwiches!!!!

  26. oh and I am a follower of your blog...is ther a link or something I have to click on to make official????

  27. oh and did you know I do NOT have a longaberger travel mug of any color!?!?!?!?!?!

  28. oh bother...I already am and have been a follower!!!!!

  29. WooHoo--Happy Blogaversary!
    Something you don't know about me....
    I was NOT going to comment on this post.
    Changed my mind. I can always use another travel mug :D

  30. And I am a follower too. (never did make a very good leader....hehe)

  31. I love reading your blog! I didn't start drinking coffee until I was almost 30 and really liked flavored coffees at first. Now I don't care for the flavors, I want plain coffee first thing in the morning and I love a hot latte, no flavor added, later in the day. I love my Longaberger baskets and would love to add some Longaberger pottery to my collection!

  32. I don't drink coffee. It doesn't taste real pleasant and I consume enough calories in a day without drinking coffee full of cream and sugar, which is how I would need to drink it. My hot drink of choice is chai tea made with milk. I usually have at least one cup a day in the winter time. Linda

  33. I do follow you...checking in fairly often. I don't get to Antioch very often anynmore, so you wouldn't likely remember who I am.

  34. This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. I follow you starting today!
    You don't know me, but I know your cousin Laura. We try to follow the same teachings
    Coffee - its drunk Swedish style which is very strong with a little milk.
    Oh, and its just over a year since I started blogging too. If you are interested in a Scot's who is transplanted to Sweden, please follow me here www.mrsmacolsson.blogspot.com

  36. Dear Prairie Hen,

    I finally got it on my blog. I meant to get it on earlier this week with my kid/hen picture I had taken in Sept. but the week got away from me...

    Hope your having a good week!
    Another Cooped Up Hen

  37. So sweet of you to have a lil (big) give away :D Someone is gunna be really {LUCKY}

    HOW FUN!

    Friends in the blog world, and FB and glad to have several other things in common too :D)

  38. Congratulations on the blogging year, Raimie. I'm so glad you enjoy it, because you're quite good at it. :)

    Hmmmm... something you don't know about me. That would probably be anything. I've never been to a Longaberger party and I love the song that is playing right now, so I think I'll keep your blog open for awhile.

    Happy blogging... making friends and having our say is what it's all about. Seize the Day!

    (@ Alison - Cool about your letter jacket!!)

  39. Great Mug!!! Would love to drink my hot/cold liquids from it and think of my dear friend who finished her journey in life because of breast cancer!!! I HAVE to have my coffee with flavor(usually vanilla) and cream. Recently introduced to Starbucks VIA and it has flavor already to in, yummy!! Linked to your blog thru Wrena!!!

    Mili May

  40. Congrats on 1yr!!! I love my coffee black 1st thing in the morning, then watch out, out come the flavors for the afternoon! :)
    LOVE coffee shops!!!

  41. ok Lady - I've blogged about it now!! ;)

  42. Congratulations!! Wish I had more time to read all the blogs I'd love to follow!!! This is one I want to follow but it never seems to get there - just seems to keep popping up randomly!! So...right now I will fix that!

  43. My birthday is October 15th, which is your deadline. I am 1 of 7 children.

  44. Another awesome give away! I love coffee.....especially with flavored creamer (hmmmm maybe I drink the coffee for the creamer).

  45. I shared a link on facebook too. I'm on a roll. :)

  46. Look at all these comments, Prairie Hen...isn't that EXCITING?? You may not know this about me....I REALLY enjoy your blog!


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