{DIY} Water markers

Just in case you have a minute of insanity where you need something busy for your children, or someone else's children, to do.

Freeze popsicles made with water and use them on dark construction paper.

It works like paint with ZERO mess.
Even a two year old can do this!
It's quiet, contained and keeps 'em busy...

I say YAY!

When you are done, the water dries and your 'picture' disappears. The boys thought this was a great way to write super-secret messages.

The girls thought it was fun to draw pictures with washable markers and watch the water create tie-dyed effects.

Overall, a very cool way to spend a super hot afternoon with friends.

Loving Easy in NE


  1. LOVE IT!!!!!!

    ~Jamie Myers~

  2. Oh wow - how cool!! (quite literaly)heh heh Thanks for sharing this idea - I'll have to do this with my kids!


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