{DIY} Welcome Home Baskets

I must be strange. 
But let's be honest, we knew that already, didn't we?

My strangness lies in the fact that, while I love the idea of having a week to myself with no children, I am usually miserable by the end of it. 

I imagine getting all kinds of things done, relaxing and enjoying the quiet but I spend a good deal of the time just missing my kids, jumping at small noises I usually can't hear and wondering what they are doing with out me.

I do really like those guys.

So this time while they were away at my mom's for a week (thank you, mom) I whiled away a few of the last anxious minutes before I could go pick them up by making goodie baskets to welcome them home.

They turned out super simple, very inexpensive and way cute.
My fave.

I bought these small fruit baskets at Tractor Supply for 25 cents before I even had a plan for them and probably should have bought more. They would be cute with just about anything in them.

The personalization was simple, only requiring a couple steps. 1. a strip of fabric for the handle, tied corner to corner - no sewing required, I used pinking sheers. 2. Each child's first initial stamped with acrylic paint.
3. Some trim tied through the slats for pretty.

Sweet, simple and kid-friendly.

The contents was easy too.
I always keep my eye out for 'like new' Ty Beanie Babies at Goodwill and such... 

Yes, I know we are no longer in the 90's.

Small stuffed animals are some of the most played with and dearly loved toys at our house and I like that Beanie Babies hold up to frequent play better than cheapo stuffed animals. I'm very picky, they can't smell, have any signs of wear (you can usually tell by the tag if they've ever even been played with) and be a dollar or less. I happened to have these in my prize stash.

Another favorite around here is Schleich animal figures. I had picked up a couple in Tractor Supply at the same time as the baskets.

To be honest, I try not to give my kids very much candy because they don't react well to the sugar. But Seriously!? Could there be anything cuter than 25 cent shakers filled with mini M&M's?

Throw in the notes written on vintage file-cards (free in an old box I bought at a garage sale) and that was all there was to it...

Well, that and to wait a wee bit longer before rushing off to restart the insanity of motherhood that I love so much.



  1. How cute are these!! Can I borrow your brain sometime?? ;) Glad you little chicks are back under their Momma's wings! Though I KNOW they had a great time with their Grandparents.

  2. Dear cased,

    OOOOH my, those are adorable!
    A perfect way to while away the waiting moments, and welcome the kiddleywinks back home. We sure loved having them here.

    in a basket

  3. These are darling, Raimie!!! LOVE THEM. I need to make some for Jilly and Rosetta. Also, I love the new look of your blog - it is really, really nice.

  4. these are ridiculously ADORABLE!!!!! I'm sorry you missed your kiddos so... but these little homecoming gifts will be remembered FOREVER!!!!

  5. What a cute idea....love the monkey! My baby is going to start college next month! It's going to take alot of getting used to since he's my only one. I think I'll surprise him with some creative gifts like that - I can mail them or have one ready when he comes home for visits. It gets a little harder to put something like that together for them as they get older. Maybe a gift basket with an Itunes card, popcorn/drink, and gift certificate to a movie theater?

    Found your blog at Between Naps on the Porch...I'm a new follower :)

  6. These are so adorable! I love the use of those small baskets (cute and affordable) and the personalization with the stamp. You are so creative!


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