Our happy weirdness

 Dear Friends,
A day spent mulling over Dr. Seuss (whose birthday is today) = Seussing musing.

My two little Suess-muses came home toting Seuss-spired crafts and stripey head-gear similar to that worn by that oh-so-clever feline we all know. All day my Facebook feed has been plastered by quotes by The Seuss-sayer himself.

Turns out the Dr. was pretty smart. His words cure about anything... especially boredom.

That is my favorite Seuss-ful quote.
I'm all about weird.
I have all kinds of weirdness in my life...

Our daughter asks to pet the lobsters every time we go to Red lobster. She lets it grab her crayons. She gasps when the lobster flicks her with it's wet and slimy antennae. She tentatively touches the wriggly guy on his claws and belly.

Forty-five minutes later she sighs with delight as her freshly cooked lobster tail is brought to the table and she digs in with gusto.

Petting your food before you eat it...


Our son (on his 6th birthday) eats copious amounts of his favorite food, shrimp, and then announces, "I'm so full that I'm sea-sick!" . This sparks a lively, if not a bit disgusting, conversation focused on liking SEE-food (gross), SEE-food diets and the ineptly named,  jumbo shrimp.

Word-play by a six year old...


And there's the weird of my life sitting right across the table from me.
We daily embrace the oddity of an incessant camera-slinger being married to the most intentionally unphotogenic man ever and somehow come out alright.

You could call it...

Phot-hog + Cam-ham = 2 pigs clicking together

We just call it love.




  1. And THIS, my dear, is why we love you...you're to weird not to love! ;)

  2. Dear Weird-One,

    Happy Birthday Dr. Suess! Those are some really cute faces painted up in honor of that Cat of his.

    It's a weird life afterall

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  4. No, I'm pretty sure that I am the one who is married to the most intentionally UN-photogenic man! LOL!

  5. haha! love your weirdness--and I agree with Nish--I think your husbands may be tied for first place.. :P Of course her husband's UN-photogenicness effects me a bit more than yours.... :P

  6. Love your embracing weirdness! I have a DH in the same category, but he has come a long ways in accepting his wife with constant camera in hand affliction! :)


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