One of "The Pretty Ones"...

Dear Friends,
I have two stunning sisters.

It must have been the time of year.
They were both born in February (ten years apart).

February (sigh)...
The month of hearts. Love. Um-- Pink-ness.

No wonder their smiles knock my socks off.

These were taken the day before this girl turned 13.
A lot of emotion in that milestone... for me and her mother, anyway! 

I tease my sisters for being the 'pretty ones'...

I was born in NOVEMBER.
Remember how gray it is that time of year?
My portion of the Season's poem says, "Dull November brings the blast."
How unromantic is that?

Have you read Little Women? That part where Meg March says, "November is the most disagreeable month in the whole year" and her sister Jo answers, "That's the reason I was born in it."

It gets me every time.


So I'll settle for happily clicking their pictures, tying their apron strings, letting their smiles distract from my less-than-photogenic qualities when we gather for group shots, telling them what not to wear and french braiding their hair whether they like it or not!

Being me is fine.
Having them as sisters is wonderful.

Beautiful sisters are like having fresh flowers in the house... they make an imperfect room look classy and well-kept just by being there.

So... If you can't find me (and I know I've been missing from my site a lot lately) I'll be basking in the warmth of the lime-light glow of 'the pretty ones".

Comfy Behind the Camera in NE


  1. awww...sweet post! Yes, your sisters ARE beautiful but...you are JUST as beautiful as they! Even if your birthday is in November. ;)

  2. Ummm... yeah, right! You are gorgeous yourself, sister. Not even arguing about this one. Remember... I've seen you in person! ;)

  3. First of all missy...you have a light all your own, and your beauty shines forth...I should know...I have basked in it!

    Second...SOOOO happy to see a post from you. Been missing you, but don't want to be pushy and ask where you been and all! ;-)

    Third...yes your two sisters are beautiful(just like their older sister and momma), and I just want to give that pretty Miss KatEe a big old birthday hug.

  4. Your commentors (is that a word?) said it well :)
    Beautiful photos!

  5. How DARE you sell yourself short? IS NOT ALLOWED! You are a beautiful, multi-talented, wonderful mother, etc, etc, & etc, young lady!

  6. Totally gorgeous pictures of Katie. I'm thinking way ahead for Lynette in a few years. Just think, you should be way better by then. :)

  7. Oh Raimie! Loved your post and loved the comments! I could just echo what they all said! Have a wonderful week my beautiful friend! P.S. Thanks SO much for the family picture card-SO neat!!!

  8. The others have already said it... you are beautiful. And more! You have a gift of sharing the beauty around you. It's always a treat to come here...

  9. dear Daughter of my Favorite Month,

    Not only that....but if November brings the BLAST....then in 1984 it must have been YOU!! Nothing about you has ever been dull. A blast of sweetness, a blast of true beauty...(I know, because everywhere we went people always commented what a beautiful baby we had!) And now, to top it all off, you've grown up to be a BLAST of talented-creative-uniqueness we love more than ever. All three of you are so very precious, and it is always a treat to see you together.

    Thank you for the lovely photos of your littlest sister....I still can't make up my mind which ones to order.

    An April BLAST of Mothering Joy


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