Psst... Just Wondering

Dear Readers,

So here's my question...



Ruffled Feathers
in Nebraska

P.S. I loved your answers to my last quandries. They inspired me to think of dedicating one day a week to asking you the questions that keep me from tucking my head under my wing and falling asleep. I can't wait to hear your replies. Your wisdom always amazes me and your humor brightens my day.

Good Gravy! I Love you all!


  1. To keep mommies supplied with pictures to scrapbook under the title "Don't get mad, take pictures?"--

    So that when they're safely tucked in sound asleep, looking angelic we realize how cute they are, & how much we love them no matter how much they drive us crazy or make us pull out our steadily turning grey hair?

    Well, and of course that dosen't really totally fit either consider how stinkin' cute he looks just having made the mess either! :)

    How about so you can keep up with the "Jones's" with the list of stuff he manages to un-do, up-set, mess-up, or in some way destroy. You wouldn't want to be left behind would you? hehehe!

  2. So you get a smile!

    All those memories, when they are stinky, sweaty preteens, will help you remember how wonderful they really are, and will be when they outgrow this stage!

    And just to keep you on your toes! I would love to turn back the clock to a day when I would walk in and find things like that...it just goes so quickly! And now mine are 6th and 8th grade!

  3. I am no mom, no will I be anytime soon, but I think it is to keep you on your toes and entertained! Every once and a while a kid has to do something different! Just keep letting him do it and maybe it will get boring after 10 times!! Or maybe not! Good Luck!

  4. Because you put the toilet paper on the WRONG WAY! It's supposed to go OVER!

    My kids only did that once, each. Don't know why they stopped at that but I'm really glad they did! (maybe it's because I MUST have it "over"!)

  5. I think he knew you needed a blog post idea.

  6. dear Go on Wondering,

    It is just to make sure this darling #3 gets enough attention....he is not going to go un~noticed (not that he has been of course)
    Maybe it is "just carrying on an old family~tradition".
    Never stop the Wonder

    t.p. against the wall is harder for babies to unroll (and, it seems, for other people too according to some!)


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