From Lips of Babes

Dear Readers.

I'm curious how many blog posts have held this title.

So often we are amazed by the wisdom that comes from the mouths of children. On the other hand maybe that's because in contrast I am often amazed at how little sense I possess.

But then, that's just me.

Yesterday, T-boy came in crying to tell me Felicity had thrown his snack on the ground.

"Is she TRAZY?" He asked.

'No, son,' I thought to myself. 'Crazy is trying to write a book on top of all the other things you have to do.'

'Crazy is taking more pictures than you'll ever be able to post, write about, edit, print, or scrapbook.'

'Crazy is making a list a mile long of things you want to try, projects you want to complete and things you want to teach your children when you know the days are only getting shorter.'

'Crazy is thinking up a zillion things you want to do to your house when you've barely managed to unpack the essentials in the almost two months you've lived here.'

Then I wiped his tears and got him another snack.

Call Me Crazy


  1. I felt the same exact way this morning...I thought I was going to wash my windows...mow my grass...and then pick the house up while also doing all my errands in town. Guess what the windows are not washed! :)

  2. Dear Crazy Hen-
    Just look at it this way--no one can ever accuse you of being lazy, and you can never ever claim to be bored.
    Is this stuff inherited? and if so, from who? There are not enough hours in my days, enough days in my weeks.
    I have never ever understood people who "have nothing to do"--I have projects to last me um-teen lifetimes.
    Crazy--yes. Boredom no. And quite frankly, I don't ever want to run out of ideas to try, things to do. Isn't there a song--"I want to do it all"?? :)
    Your crazy Auntie M.

  3. Hey Crazy... maybe you'll just inspire me to pull out and dust off my own intentions to write a book. Thanks for being such an inspiration. I can identify with crazy. :)

  4. Dear Crazed,
    All in a good way, of course i wonder sometimes just HOW you got so much gumption....you have already done a heap lot more for your age and stage in life than i did. Afterall, when i was your age, you were not even 2 yet, and the only one we had.
    Maybe it all started because we decided to have a baby when we lived 3000 miles away from home and had 0 money....now THAT was a CRAZY start was it not???
    Then....why, then it just got crazier as we went along. Isn't there a song called "Crazy little thing called LOVE"?
    shaped by a crazy life from the beginning


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