Coop 'N Yard: It's Happening

Dear Readers,

They are cropping up.

Little by little.

Slowly but surely.

Glimpes of organization.

Signs of our life in this new home.

Little things that give me hope.

I just might make it yet.

This Hen Has No Time To Sit
In Nebraska


  1. oh.. that last picture is great!!! love your reflection in the mirror.
    (we've lived in our house for nearly 7 yrs, and i still don't have it decorated yet) :)

  2. Bawwwwk!! I love the way you decorate, girl!! Bawk BAaAWWkkkKK!

  3. looking good! I wonder how you make your blog so big, nice big pictures that way!

  4. Great to hear from you! Awesome pictures! LOVE that last one with you in the mirror!!!

  5. I wondered what on EARTH you had been doing since you weren't getting ready for Convention and you weren't blogging!
    Ok, no, I really did NOT wonder what you were doing! My home decorating is a work in progress... almost 4 years and counting!

  6. Why yes, could not figure out WHY you hadn't been updating on a regular basis.....HAHAHA!
    I've got most stuff un-packed from what was in the house...now scrounging to find things stashed in the barn. I keep thinking of missing items & wonder which pile they're buried under!

  7. I like the last picture too! You are obviously into vintage??

  8. Lovin' it, This Hen Has No Time To Sit In Nebraska. Love your style!

  9. ditto! i don't decorate but love what you do! enjoying your pics!


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