Two Too Much

Dear Friends,

I don't understand why all these enlightening moments keep happening in the bathroom while I'm combing her hair.

Yesterday, there I was. She was chattering. I was thinking about boy number one and his sometimes overwhelming oneness. I'll soften it by calling it 'originality'.

I try to be nice.
It's hard sometimes.

Especially when all I want to say is,
"Yes, I'm talking to you, The sillykin-doodle-puddinghead-sputterpuss with my best bath gel spread all over your body and over every surface of the bathroom! If I catch you at that again you will spend the rest of your life in your room with nothing to eat or drink but Spam, Pam-spray and spinach s-t-p-andwiches and--and--and warm -ummm- guacamole juice!"

But since I'm nice, I keep it toned down to about 865 decibels and say semi-sanely,

"Get your tail back in the tub before I give you something to cry about other than the soap in your eyes!"

Then I throw in the BIG one, (Don't try this at home)
"And don't make me call your father!"

Ha! That always gets 'em.

So... Anyways,

Back to the thinking and combing.

T-boy was not in the bathroom this time. Pip was in the swing. Suddenly, Pip was making a strange strangled noise.

I peeked out the door, while trying to hold all my fingers in Bee's french-braid. Turns out the noise was a good one. Pip was laughing hysterically as T-boy jumped off the couch. Over and over T-boy jumped and every time, Pip laughed.

And it hit me.

"He is teaching Pip everything he knows."

"Pip thinks he's wonderful and is going to copy everything his brother does."

"T-boy didn't need a twin to push me over the edge, he is slowly but surely creating a clone of himself."

"T-boy is going to be egged-on by his little shadow and be driven to higher and higher things to jump off."

"Thank goodness Nebraska has no mountains!"

Darn epiphanies.


P.S.The braids ended up crooked. Kind of like my logic. I keep telling myself that crooked is better than non-existent.

"Crooked is better than non-existent. Crooked is better than non-existent. Crooked is better-"

Oh, sorry.


  1. Oh! Yeah!!
    Remember, it's the "3" number that pushes you over the edge. After that it doesn't matter anyway! :D

  2. Boy Oh, BOY...We can see 'the writing on the wall' with you here. 2 boys together are really great a lot of the time though. Someday they will sure get a lot of work done to make up for all those messes when they were little!

    Wow, their hair color is exactly the same isn't it?

  3. I have to laugh... really! Even though Trey doesn't have a little brother to teach, he's roped his older sister into his shenanigans! She NEVER climbed on the kitchen counter just to see how far she would go when she jumped off - until HE did it!

  4. Your great-grandmother, who had 5 boys, used to quote "two boys is just half a boy; three boys is no boy at all!" So, you see, there is hope! Gma

  5. Hi Rae,
    I am really hooked on blogs just now and yours adds to that. Thanks. I also love the explanations about Dee va... Ha... Lol

    Enjoyed this and I will be back -


  6. tee-hee. the moment ayla learned to walk she marched right over to her brothers bed, climbed up onto it & started jumping. this was after months of standing in her crib & watching him jump on the bed! have fun!!


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