He's The One

Dear Readers,

A thought came into my head the other day. I was in the bathroom - Oh, Wait! Please! Keep reading! This post is not about that. I was combing the girl's hair and T-boy was refusing to go out. He was busy picking his belly-button with the can-opener - Don't ask. He was standing on the counter making a mess with the hair-stuff, making loud noises and generally making a nuisance of himself. I looked at him and at the T-boy in the mirror and had an epiphany.

What if there were two of him?

Twice as many strange expressions.

Twice as loud.

Twice as many boy games.

Twice the raucous laughter.

  Twice as many funny pronunciations.

Twice as many battle scars.

Twice the peanut-butter consumed.

Double doses of,
"Mommy, please wead 'Where da Wild Tings Are' Adin!"

Twice as many carnivorous grins.

Twice as many kitchen tools missing.

Twice the concern for his safety.

Double the sister tormenting.

Twice the dirt.

Twice the noise.

Twice the obsession with tiny toys.

Twice the action.

Twice the little boy ill-logical logic.
I worried before he was born that I was carrying twins.
I found out I was expecting him on Bee's first birthday and went through that day thinking,
"But I already have a baby!"
A week later, I was less shell-shocked and more excited. Then I had a revelation.
"It could be twins and I'd have three babies!"
But there was, and is, only one T-boy.
The one to hug me goodnight the tightest.
The one to run the fastest to my arms when I've been gone.
The one to eat more of my food off my plate than I get to.
The one to remind me most often of his daddy.
The one to sneak into our bed the soonest for cuddles.
And one is just right.

I guess someone knew the world just couldn't handle any more of those dimples.



  1. I used to think having twins was such a novel idea. One boy and one girl is what I dreamed of. Now that I have one boy who still to this day can't pass gas on his own during the night the idea of rubbing two tummies during the night is not appealing at all.

  2. Darling series of photos of your boy... And now you can't begin to imagine life without him. He's a charmer!

  3. I miss you T-boy.

  4. I always had that 'worry' too....until they either heard
    or 'saw' just one heartbeat.
    All of my babies were just
    enough...ONE at a time.

  5. I was the odd-ball, never worried about that, and always wished for it as you well know. BUT, obviously the Lord knew better, and I'm sure glad that any of the majority of them were not twins after all!
    What a fun series of pictures! I see the eye brow hasn't grown back in yet :D


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