Tales Of A Hair-dresser

Dear Friends,

I am loving having a girl. Good Gravy! I love my Bee. I'm really thankful to have another female around here. She understands the need to do girly things. She shares in my frustration of having only one bathroom. We stick together, Bee and me- Bee and I. Whatever.

I enjoy doing her hair. Not only because it's fun to try new hair-styles and she loves being fancy, but because this has become a special mommy-daughter time for us.

She sits on the counter, we shoo the boys out and she talks. It has something to do with the thing that makes people talk to the barber or the bartender. Maybe it's the fear of awkward silence or the advantage of a captive audience and it lulls them into having spill-all sessions. Whatever the reason, I'm loving every minute of it. After all, someday she may not want my beauty tips.

She tells me all about her ideas, her observations, her plans and her woes. She could talk the ear off-- off--- off a-- a- a long... eared... thing. Well, that fell flat. She talks a lot, okay? I can't imagine where she gets that. One day her observations included a man with a very long pony-tail. She wondered if it would take scissors as big as God's to cut hair that long. Not the most politically-correct view but it made me chuckle none the less.

Another day it was her wish that our eyes could see ourselves without a mirror. And why can't we see the back of us? She wished we could turn our heads clear around like an owl can. She's a vain little thing! She didn't get that from me. I often don't get a chance to look in the mirror in a day. But then, that could be why I've looked down at what I was wearing in public and wondered why nobody mentioned I had mustard on my shirt. Note to self: Look in the mirror before leaving home. I'm still learning here, people. Good thing I have kids to help with these things.

She tickles my heart with her funny use of words.
Like when she told me she was so sad that one of her headbands had broken because
"it looked really 'Spanish".
I don't know what that means. I like to pretend it means she was paying attention during a brief geography lesson on Spain. Not likely.
Today she said her job was to 'astroy the spiderwebs and 'dush' off her bed. She meant 'destroy' and 'brush the dust'.
I don't want to forget these funny words.
Someday she'll use correct English.
Someday she may not want to listen to my words, let alone copy the things I say.

She constantly wishes that daddy would take the boys for 'boy-time' and then we could go have our 'girl-time'.
I hope she always wants to spend time with me.
She says she hopes she'll be a mommy like me some day. She chatters on about how she'll have a husband, babies and a house.
All the while, I'm thinking,
"Laundry seems so much more glamorous when you are five.
Is she too young to start doing her own?"

Happily and hairdressing-ly yours,


  1. Ha! I was the 1st one to leave a comment! 8) Pictures = Ca-yute!!


    P.S. XOXO to you all!
    P.P.S. yes,I rae-lly did type this by my self(jus'in case you were wondering)witch I doubt you are... your too smart to wonder__hehehe :P

  2. we still remember "hang-ge-burger" and "magzadine" around here. It was so fun when someone would have to answer the "bell-door" love it love it!

  3. ....and she has the most beautiful eyes!! :)
    I wish I could remember more of my kids's funnies. Your mom remembers better than me. If there would have been blogging back then, you can bet I'd have posted about it too!!
    The best one I can remember is "I haid I haunt hum HOOP!

  4. I love having a little girls hair to comb, and that bathroom time is special! She talks non stop through the whole thing!

    This afternoon she was cleaning her bedroom and singing - I wasn't really listening to what she was singing but later she came and asked me if I had heard her because she was "singing in English but had added some Spanish!"

  5. I love these pix of Bee, and so fun to hear of her conversations with you. Reminds me of a book gr'ma C gave me years ago called: "Listening to the Littlest".
    The qwirk-y little expressions live on and get used now and then even these days don't they?!

  6. Bee's a doll! Aren't daughters fun??? Mine still is.....many years later. Think of everything you have to look forward to!

  7. Yes there is something about the bonding time between daughters and mothers when they do their hair.

    You know what...it's been a while since my 15 year old and I have had time alone together...do you think she would let me do her hair tonight for bible study? Yeah...doubt it.

  8. combing their hair is one thing I miss when they get older. Must be that bonding time. Even tho K & K comb their hair most of the time, I still say I get to comb it sometimes! I'm not ready to give that up for good yet!

  9. I don't want to be accused of wishing my daughte's life away, but I am looking forward to when we can have that mother/ daughter bonding time in the bathroom. It's almost like a rite of passage it seems. My Mom didn't know what to do with my cruly hair (hers is strait as a board) so our time was spent with me fussing about her hurting my head. And she was just trying to figure out what on earth to do with it! At least I'll know what to do with Lia's curls since I have them too. ;)

  10. I miss that time with Sarah, too. I remember listening to her scattered chatter and then drifting to my own thoughts which was fine until she asked a question that needed an answer. I wish I had recorded more of those conversations.


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