Magnolia Takes The Cake

Dear Readers,

Magnolia has been busy. She left tracks on my scrap-book pages a few days ago and now she's at it again.

It started with a pair of pink capris ($4), a basic pink turtle-neck ($2) and a spark of inspiration from Holly's Mama (free). From there it was a cake walk. A cheap one.

It was such a piece of cake, in fact, that my brother Jax helped me. These are his hands. His fingers are short and chubby like mine. It's cuter on him.

Cakes need lots of frosting and what could be sweeter than lots of ruffles?
It turns out ruffles make the males of our species act funny. I am not referring to lingerie here, people. Uh-oh, Magnolia is glaring at me for babbling. Again. It is a womanis humanid trait she can't understand. She always stays on track. That's the point of her existence.

These teenage males kept stealing my ruffles and using them for everything from a cowboy's lasso to a ninja headband.
Silly boys, if they wanted to sew... all they had to do was ask. [insert kissy-face here]

Rick-rack, iron-ons and ribbon were icing on the cake.

Bee was pleased with our project. She still believes you can have your cake and eat it too.

I wish it were so. Then maybe I could have managed to get a picture of the top AND the bottom of this outfit - at the same time.
"I'm sorry! Magnolia! I said, I'm sorry!! Please don't leave me!"
She just can't forgive me for the box incident.
Oh well, you can't win 'em all so let 'em eat cake!



  1. a sweet little cake of an outfit you made...I love it, and it is so cute on Bee!
    Oh, and compliments to the Magnolia too!

  2. its darling...absolutely!! you are going to be whippin' things out right & left & ol' Magnolia will ber beggin' for a vacation ;)
    love you, 'auntie' cyndie

  3. Your daughter is soo cute oh and the outfit is cute too - I love it.

  4. way way cute! You're just making up for lost time here!

  5. That is SO incredibly DARLING!!! I'll just ship you a box of clothes to do for my kids and you can keep magnolia running all winter!


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