Happy Halloween

Dear Friends,
Last year we were invited to this masquerade ball on Halloween. Someone had the brilliant idea to dress our whole family in a matching theme. I will not be held responsible for the following images. Close your eyes if they bother you.


 Seeing a pattern?

Yours truly (and chubbily)

How about now?


Any closer?

Are you there yet?

My parents Come-on!
This has got to be a dead-giveaway.

--- Okay, for those lacking imagination and the skills of a visionary [cough, cough] - I'll give the stage names.

Mr. Mint

Gingerbread boy

Jolly (Just so you know, talking gum-drops are required to be chubby. It's in their contract.)

Queen Frostine

Lord Licorice

Princess Lolly

King Candy

The serious gamer and Grandma Nutt


1.) Mr Loggerhead was gone. He doesn't really like dressing up. I'll tell you someday about the first Halloween party we attended together.
2.) My sister Dee went as Gloppy but we were all so focused on keeping our masks on straight (and the cake) that we didn't take a picture of her alone. Poor 'D'. I mean you go to the trouble of dressing like a chocolate swamp, for Heaven's sake. You slide, slip and bubble your way to the party and then you find out that the paparazzi has very little interest in melted cocoa-flavored candy puddles. They just kept shouting about some 'Fancy' person. The outrage!

Just out of curiosity, do you think a chocolate swamp cries big salty chocolate chips?

The next time you meet one please ask it for me, would ya?

Okay, I'm done.
I lied.

Just one little thing--- Little money-saving tip here. We got the majority of the stuff for these costumes out of our dress-up box. The rest came from Goodwill for under $50. Not bad for 10 costumes.
And another thing--- My hot-glue gun and I became intimately acquainted during this project. I got burned.

Last thing, I promise--- We wish you a happy Halloween!
(This doesn't count) I didn't tell the kids it's Halloween I just told them not to answer the door and they are forbidden to look out the windows. Is that wrong? Now I'm going to shut all the curtains, turn-off all the lights and hide under the covers because all I have to give to the Trick-or-Treaters tonight is our flu germs.



  1. Those were the days..... Happy Halloween to you to.
    And don't forget to set your clocks back one hour before going to bed...Remember?....the Fall Back thingy!
    Papa Key!

  2. thanks for the CANDYLAND memories...oh, and for the reminder that I really HAD hoped to have some pages scrapbooked of that by now!
    You can hide tonight, esp since you DID do the BOO at the ZOO the other day.
    Does going to Valla'sPumpkinPatch
    a few weeks ago count for us? We are "hiding" tonight too, by going to bed early since we get an extra hour of sleep and we all need it.

  3. What fun memories! You did awesome. I thought I had a pictures of the chocolatey swampy thing...I'll have to look when I get home--just for the record :)

  4. Awesome costumes! Would you believe my poor kids grew up without Candyland? I really can't believe it. I didn't know about Candyland. Anyhow... I added your link to my sidebar... I hope that's okay. If not, just tell me and I'll take it off. :)


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