Boy: Super-charged

Dear Readers,

A dear friend of mine gave us a teddy bear hooded towel as a baby gift when Pip was born. As I'm sure you will understand, the baby is not very interested in bathing rituals and much less in what towel he uses. T-boy, on the other hand, has decided it is his, but not for the usual purposes. One morning T-boy made it very obvious that the "T" stood for Turbo. Still in his PJ's, he raced from one end of the house to the other yelling, "Ha-Ha! I'm SUPER-TAR!!"

The kicker? 

 The red and yellow cape. I rolled my eyes and went back to changing the baby. Babies don't need Super-heroes, they want their mommies. I don't need one either, I need a maid. You don't see men in tights running around yelling, "They call me, The Sponginator! Filth, I defy you! Where is Dirt? I must destroy you, once and for all!" 
 Not in Nebraska, anyway. Believe me, I would have noticed if there were. Ok, allow me to drag you away from that mental image and let's get back to my boy. Throughout the day his actions were followed closely by the swirling, swishing fabric of the teddy bear cape.
Super-Car's moment of glory came later that day when he announced to me, "Mom, I weally AM Super-Tar tuz I timbed up da tounter and dot down da dinotaur tup for Yissie and she said I was her hero!"

 Sadly, she turned from 'damsel in distress' to 'villain' faster than you can say, "It's a bird, Its a plane, It's Supe--" -- I had to break up their fight moments after he risked his neck for her. Bee was sure it was a case of Super-car misusing his extraordinary powers. In the years to come I hope the 'hero' impression is the lasting one. For both of them. Oh, and forget I said anything about men in tights, carrying buckets of suds and feather-dusters... never mind!

I gotta get out more,


  1. You're crackin' me up down here. ;) My brother is still my "super hero" and I hope one day my son is still my daughter's super hero!

  2. I know that little guy keeps you laughing, and on your toes!

  3. Oh Ramie you are so funny :) I love reading your blog. Wish I could be better at doing as much as you do!!!!! Joni

  4. there never seems to be enough room in the house for a "SUPER-TAR" on a race track.....esp on bad weather days eh?

    I love it when their games are on the same page if only for a little while.

  5. Once upon a time BATMAN lived at my house.. oh, the daring adventures we had! Really, come to think about it there were far less worries (at lest they were smaller worries!) when I lived with "superhero's" Batman. cowboy small,Harry Potter,Peter Pan,
    Power Rangers... even the Ninja Turtles!!
    Enjoy the make believe days.. My Peter Pan found out that he had to grow up!
    Auntie Lu

  6. Love that Pooh cape. I want one. That and the superhero maid you referred to. But only if they cleaned my house really, really well. A man in tights with a feather duster would creep me out a little bit. ;)

  7. I am with you and Lani...lets all go find that superhero maid you were referring to.

    Your boy is a hoot...I so could see my boys doing the same thing.


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