Scrap That!

Dear Readers,
I was afraid I had forgotten how to do this. It has been so long since I took the time to scrapbook. I am the most behind on Bee's album so I dedicated an afternoon to doing a couple new pages for her. 

All the world's a stage... I loved looking back at the many looks she had as a two year old. She was such a little bag lady at that age. She toted everything around and was always singing little songs to herself. I thought she was plenty messy. That was before T-boy!

Parting from these days is such sweet sorrow! How sweet were the days before they learned how to fight! 

Spring, O Spring! Wherefore art thou Spring? Why do I torture myself like this?



  1. Mmmm that reminds me... I NEED TO SCRAPBOOK!!!!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. me too!!!
    I did have a nice thought (well, several actually) on our trip recently, that if I could just do a page or 2 for 1 kiddo each week...meaning a different kid each week that is, then at the end of the month I would have scrapbooked pages for each of these 4 still at home.
    Your scrapbook pages always inspire me ( "when I grow up I want to be able to scrapbook JUST like you" :)

  3. ME THREE!! and I'm into sewing projects instead! And I want to scrapbook like you too...especially the fast part!

  4. I'm envious, I have pages started, and Lynette has proofread, proofreaded, checked over, whatever! so I can finish putting them together if I wasn't having so much fun with these blogs. :)

  5. R - Your blog is wonderful!! You are so creative...I love it! I envy & admire people who scrapbook but where do you find the time!? It has become more real to me more than ever to spend time with my children, love them, hug them, the dust can wait...they grow up to fast...have a wonderful day with your children!

  6. What beautiful scrapbook pages! Never have done any scrapbooking...probably will not start now.


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