The Gift

It was a big box.
Tied with a red and white striped ribbon.

There was a shuffle of getting dressed, slicking hair-do's and brunch to be eaten. In the bustle they picked up on the feeling that this gift was something special, something even mommy and daddy were excited about opening.

The anticipation was about all one little boy could take as I made last minute adjustments to his clothes and he wiggled desperately to get out of reach of my fixings.

But soon it was time.

Guesses were announced.

"Is it for all of us?"
"Yes, ALL of us."

"Who gets to use it most?"
"Well, we all get to love it but Mommy gets to carry it for now..."

"Is there more than one?"
"Hmmmm... we are pretty sure there is only ONE in there but I guess there could be two, we'll have to see!"

The ribbon was pulled.


She caught on first.
With quick finger-point she clued her brothers in.

"Mom, are you pregnant?"

Hugs, happy tears, questions, some answers.

"Mom, oh-my-goodness, what if it's another BOY?!"
You'll live, honey, you'll live.

They are soaking it in, as am I. We all are realizing the blessing it is to be a family and what a blessing it is to add another heart to love to the mix. 

We are thankful to have another chair to fill. We are excited to meet this new little person who will walk and sit beside us. We are thrilled to become a family of six. But for now we mostly dream as there is not much else to be doing in these early days.

The chair waits patiently for August 2013.

Blessed Mother of 4

P.S. Here are a few more details for those asking:

  • The ribbon is NOT pink, as I mentioned above. Sorry, it holds no girly message. Cracks me up that I keep getting asked that, as I never even thought about the red/white stripes appearing pink in photos.... and this is ME we are talking about... I OVER-think about everything! [wink] For the record, we like surprises and have no plans to find out the gender at this point.
  • I am feeling great at the moment. Although, this may be because we have been SO sick with influenza for weeks and ANYTHING feels better after that. 
  • Official due date is something like August 8th, 2013


  1. Congratulations--again!
    Seriously, these pictures are just the cutest ever! a couple that made me tear up & also chuckle out loud!
    How very very fun!
    p.s. I could tell the ribbon was red, but I see why some thought it looked pink.
    I'm crossing my fingers for Felicity, but I have to say you do have the most darling boys...
    Oh yes, and I was going to tell you, I loved having 4 kids. I still love having 4 kids, and I was lucky enough to have 4 kids three times!! :)

  2. Oh, I nearly started crying when I read this... the photos are just precious! A huge congratulations and hugs to you.

  3. Congrats!! What a fun way to announce!

  4. Congratulations to the whole Family! That it's exciting news!

  5. super sweet and precious news!! and oh my, dear niece, you do have a way of presenting such a delightful gift!!! love you more....
    auntie cyndie

  6. Love the anouncement, love the blog and pictures. Love that you are expecting number 4. Hope all goes well and this summer isn't to hot. This is the first time I've been pregnant in the winter and I don't know how I delt with summer ones as I am usually so hot now that I can hardly stand it.

  7. Loved the news and congrats to all of you!

  8. Loved the pictures and how you announced it! Congrats!! :)

  9. Absolutely thrilled for you! Beautiful way to share it with your children and the world! You never cease to amaze me!

  10. So happy for all of you! Reminds me of one Christmas when my sons were told that their present couldn't be unwrapped until next June... that was 12 years ago already!

  11. Congratulations on your new addition to the family, and another chair to be filled! What a darling and creative way to tell it! Loved the darling pics of the kiddos.
    Barb K.


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