For the love of Mondays

Dear Friends,
First of all, thank you all for your incredible enthusiasm and sweet comments about our baby news. This is a breathtaking time in our lives and I find myself thinking, "And we get MORE!?" Thank you again for your kindness and friendship. I am looking forward to sharing and connecting with you all on this blog again this year.


I am all kinds of keyed-up about this New Year. It is written in capital letters in my mind's eye. Right beside New Beginnings, Resolve and Fresh Slate

There is something slightly ironic about there being this big blast of busyness in December that picks us up in a whirlwind of activities and then drops us at January's threshold with a great desire to take a long Winter nap. But what do we do instead of crashing into a post-holiday coma? We all gather a gargantuan amount of strength, fortitude and conviction and start on a new batch of resolutions. We charge from the starting line of January first with a list of invigorating life-goals to remake ourselves skinnier, richer, kinder, more in love or what ever version of "Better" we've locked our sights on grasped tightly in our hand.

And as sappy and hokey as as it sounds when I write it out like that, I love it. 
Every year.

On the same note, I was astonished recently when I saw one of those ecards that float around on Facebook and it said, "Yay, it's Monday... said no one ever." Well, good gravy, I love Mondays, and I know I have an Auntie who shares my feelings on this, so I guess that's at least two people proving this theory wrong. 

I say Yehaw! to Monday every week. 
It's a beginning and I like them.

New Years.
New Months.
New Weeks.
New Days.

All deserving of capitals.
All worthy of thanksgiving.
All requiring resolve.

So yes, I have resolutions.
A list of them.
Very cliche.

But given the tiny person I'm carrying until August, losing weight did not make the list this year. {Smile}

Happy New Year all!
Fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a bumpy, beautiful ride


  1. Sweet! And I love starting New Years... Now how to keep from falling off of the up spirited New somewhere in the middle and keep life exciting, oh no I will leave the baby excitement to my friends, its great news for them all.. But exciting as in not the same old attitude, same old breakfast, same old mom... Keep thinks perky I hope :)

  2. Congrats.... committed to getting back to some bloggers I haven't visited for awhile - love the "baby news" post - great pictures! Happy New Year!


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