Leap! {part 2}

Do you remember back in February when I had the brilliant plan to host a 'Leap Day' party? Well it all went awry when my boy got sick. We rescheduled and rescheduled...

And then we finally had a party!
Official Leap Day had long passed but we still planned to take a flying leap into a mud-puddle!

 And boy did we ever!

Side note: I had to "make" mud by the way because we just hadn't got enough rain! I am sure the mom's of these kids thought I was crazy and I was "shocked" when none of them volunteered to stay and participate in the fun! [wink] Ha!

The kids had a blast playing duck, duck, frog, Mud Ga-ga and, of course, leap frog! It was a riot watching them try to hop over each other with their mud-caked boots! They would have played out there for a few more hours but I was mean and made them come in to eat... [gasp] the horror! 

We washed off the worst of the mud before going inside to change into clean clothes.
I know, SO mean!

I am quite certain that I only put up decorations for me because the kids were certainly oblivious to such frippery! They headed straight to the fish-shaped crackers. Priorities, people!
Umbrella sandwiches, slimy green stuff, dirty strawberries, muddy milk, sticks, trees and roots.

I think they liked it.

Although they may have been slightly more interested in making silly faces than eating!

Me: Ok, girls smile! (snap sweet pic of girls) Ok, boys, your turn! (snap 1st pic of boys above)
Girls: Hey! we wanna take a silly-faces one! (snap silly girl face one above)
Boys: Hey! We didn't get to take a silly one! We want a silly one! (snap 2nd pic of boys above)

Me: Strange, your "nice" smiling one and your silly face one looks oddly similar, boys!

Then I was "super-mean" again and "made" them stop throwing fishy-crackers into each other's mouths so we could do a craft! Awful!

9 rain-stick shakes later it was time to go home.
They ran around the front yard mortifying the neighbors with some strange version of tag that included "toilet" in the name.

This was a perfect party for my kids... messy, loud, a bit unorganized, some food thrown, smattered with a few whines of "but, why?" and very, very muddy.

Somehow we always manage to leap from the idea I have in my mind (on the left) to my kids' reality (on the right).

Maybe that's why they call motherhood a leap of faith... We take the plunge and have to believe that our kids are gonna be ok, muddy boots or not.

Mud Mama in NE


  1. you are, by far, one of the coolest moms I know...& believe me honey i know LOTS of mamas. love you :)

  2. dear Mud-ONNA-Mama,

    You may have started a trend....wow what a LEAP it all was.

    a HEAP of Muddy Leaps

  3. You are. Simply. Amazing. Loved getting caught up with you today.

  4. Way beyond clever! The muddy boots cookies are so awesome...your kids version too!!!

  5. WOuld you look at YOU...you are so fun!! I have to admit you are also one brave momma! No mud pictures of you??? Did you take a leap into the mud puddle?


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