{DIY} Leap Day Party - Part 1

Dear Friends,
February 29th is Leap Day and it only comes around every 4 years… we think that’s a reason to celebrate! But since Leap Day falls on a day that won’t work for us, we were going to cheat… We were going to get a leap on Leap Day and have our party two days early!

Take a Leap!

The Spring rains are coming and it’s pretty wet outside. Leap Day is a perfect excuse to leap right into a puddle. This party is all about jumping, leaping, bouncing, splashing and all things springy and Spring-y.

Here's the scene as it is set...

Invite: Blue-sky backing, green polka-dot grass with fringe-y-cut edge, and large blue-checked cloud all glued onto a cardstock card. Use cardboard squares to "pop-up" small cloud, brown cardstock puddle, stamped "leap" sign with arrow and umbrella. To make umbrella: trace bottom of round glass on argyle paper, cut out circle, cut the circle in half with scalloped scissors, cut out brown cardstock umbrella handle.

Canopy: Umbrella hung from a hook in the ceiling and festooned with ribbons. Sparkly raindrops attached to the ribbons. Punch 1" hearts out of sparkly blue paper and cut them in half for "perfect" raindrops.

Bunting: Green fabric banner, gathered in the middle.
Parasol wreath: Hot-glue each cupcake paper the the end of a toothpick, stab into a wreath-form.
Leap sign: Die cut letters, glued to sparkly blue paper, mounted on cardboard, stab sharp ends of 2 shish-kabob sticks into the cardboard backing of the sign and poke dull ends into the wreath-form.

Table covers: Brown paper cut in "muddy" puddle shapes about the size of the table-tops.
Placemats: Sparkly paper cut in splashy puddle shapes.
Chair covers: Pillowcases... Yay for improv!

Centerpieces: Worn-out wellies full of flowers. Vintage scarf tucked in for flare. Short candle pillar makes a lovely "bird-bath" for this adorable paper birdy from the Easter isle at Michaels craft store.
Chair-scarves: Cut the bottom off of an unwanted t-shirt from arm-pit to arm-pit. Cut that tube up one side-seam. Tie around back of chair.

Place cards: Gather full-length photos of all your guests, for the sake of the theme splashing, silly, leaping shots are recommended. Print on photo-paper. Cut around silhouette and include a paperdoll-esque shape at the bottom, adhere to heavy cardstock and cut out, make a narrow paper stand to hold pictures upright. Give the girls cupcake paper parasols. Add printed names to paper tags and glue them to the pictures. 

 Favors: Swedish fish and sticky frogs

Cut the zipper off the top of a Ziplock with pinking-shears and tie closed with ribbon.

Capture the froggies in silver cupcake papers.

 There isn't anything that says "leap" like a frog but if you want different favors...
Mini Slinky's, small umbrellas, Lifesavers and bouncy balls are some more fun ideas for the theme.

So there you are, plans for a Leap Day party! Stay tuned, Part II will feature some drippy games, a splashy craft and some food worth diving into.

And as for my plan to get a "leap" on Leap Day...

This is the monkey-wrench that came flying into my well-laid plans today.
So the party got postponed.
Now we'll be a leap behind instead.
 P.S. This theme would work well for a Spring-fling gathering or birthday party as well.... if you can't get all your ducks in a row in the next two days! 


  1. Poor Kid, has to have his picture taken when he's sick.

    Hope you all feel better soon.

  2. This is such an awesome idea!!! Love all the creative ideas. Sorry about the sicky's at your house. We had a weekend of it too! Hope all is well soon and you can enjoy your party!

  3. Wow.....such creativity that flows in your veins and oozes out of you with such wonderful results! Love to see the pictures! So sorry it got delayed with such an unwelcome event as the flu!!!

  4. Hmm my dear niece...I'm thinking you need some more kids to keep you busy, I don't think you have enough to do!! hahahahaha!!!
    So sorry the sickies leaped in first!
    Thanks for another fun read.

  5. dear Longing to Leap,

    TOOO cute! I think you need to consider making up a fun party memories book. It is hard for me to really choose a fave.
    This was even more fun to see IRL yesterday.

    Leaping with anticipation


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