Spring Break with Jax

My brother was here for about 10 days over his spring break. It was so fun to have him around. He somehow changes the dynamic of our house.

A Walmart trip took a fantastical turn when I relinquished the control of the cart to my little brother. He hasn't crossed the line in my brain to the "big kid" side but has somehow grown up enough to handle the cart and not run into ceiling-high displays or other frantic shoppers.

I can only imagine how strange it will be someday to let him drive my car...

Can. Not. Let. Brain. Go. There.

My children are as split on Jackson's age as I am...
Sometimes he seems like a sibling to them, bickering, racing around, much closer to their own age than he really is.

Other times he acts like the uncle he is, taking responsibility, giving sage advice, surprising me with the relatively mature things he says.

Somehow those two opposing forces fit together in an effortless way that I love. I am pretty fond of every bit of that boy. Well, maybe not the smelly, boy feet part.

We went to The Lorax at our little, funky local theater.
It was a blast. I have to say that I was impressed... even Pip sat riveted the whole time, 3-D glasses and all.

We really did love having my baby brother around.
We love you Jax!



  1. How quickly they grow up. I saw him, yesterday afternoon and thinking how much he looks like one of his older brothers, who is no longer even slightly a little boy.

  2. I agree with the comment above...can't believe how much he has changed since the first time we met you all!!! So glad you had a fun time with one of your many special sibilings!

  3. What? You went to Walmart and that's all you came out with? Now that's impressive!

    Wishing I had some little people to see the Lorax with... :)


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