Today is T-boy's

Dear Friends,
I woke him up this morning with a very loud and silly rendition of "Happy Birthday to youuuuuu!". T-boy is so excited to be six. That's not too surprising since he started asking about his next birthday about 3 weeks after he turned five last year. He kept exclaiming he'd been five for "A WEEK" (his version of forever) and it was time to be six. And in a funny way, I partially agree, it does feel like a week since his last birthday... but unlike my son, that week went way too fast.

Felicity's first words this morning were, "Mom! He's catching up!" and with that they were both standing on my bed back to back to see if he had grown taller in the night. Surely that new and amazing title SIX YEAR OLD came with a few extra inches, right?! But alas, he is still a few inches shorter and still 20 months younger than her!

I hope that is his only disappointment on his special day.

A few weeks ago, T-boy's teacher asked all her student's parents to write their kids a love note for Valentine's Day and send it to school to be shared in class. I love how kindergartners are good with their parents showing mushy-gushy affection for them in front of their friends when in a few years... not so much!

(Here's the little mint box I covered, filled with little heart-buttons and a love letter written on quilling paper.)

I'll share what I wrote in honor of my middle baby's birthday...

My dear sweet T-boy,
You are intense in all you do... intense in play, intensely sweet.
I love how I hear you singing and repeating things your daddy says as you play.
I love how you are nice enough to play games with your sister that wouldn't be your first choice.
I love your laugh.

You are so good with your baby brother - teaching him and letting him play too.
I giggle when you get excited about something and your face lights up like a Christmas tree.
When you cuddle with me and say you love me, it puts me in a good mood no matter what.

I am so proud of all you have learned and how you try to be a gentleman.
You are an amazing boy and I love you truly.
Happy Valentine's Day Happy Birthday to my bestest oldest boy.
Thank you for helping and loving and trying and doing your best

Love always,


  1. Happy Birthday T-boy! Your Momma and so many others love you more than you'll ever know! I hope your 6th Birthday is all you dreamed it would be!

  2. Aw! Happy Birthday to L. I can hardly believe he's 6 already!!

  3. dear T-boy's Mama,

    Happy Happy Birthday to the best6year old Grandson Ever!! (by the way, our favorite one too....heh heh)

    All SIX years of him


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