Where my HEART is

"I love you, Raimie!" She said.

Well, yes, not too surprising as she is my little sister! But this bout of affection was brought on by my announcement that we were going to have a party Sunday night before Valentine's Day. Just the 5 of us - Kat, West, Bee, T-boy and me.

So, appently she said she loves me because she thinks it's awesome to have a party even though we're just a few people.

Little does she know that this party had an ulterior motive.
It was strategically placed on the same evening as a decadent couples Valentine's dinner Mr. Loggerhead and I were invited to but couldn't attend due to my husband being in Texas.

It was a bit of a pity-party, really.

I'm a party-girl (in the best sense).
It's the Wedding/event planner in me.

(T-shirt streamers and Valentines hang-out with ease at our party)

The goal was to party on a budget... that doesn't sound like too fun but actually the challenge is a thrilling venture. I think I enjoy planning a party this way as much as I would with an unlimited purse. 

... Dishes I had already.
... Craft supplies from my hoard.
... Dollar-isle goodies
... Menu of uncomplicated food

{Spring greens with heart-y croutons}
{Raspberry vinaigrette}
{Heart-shaped steak}
{Crab legs and butter}
{Sweet potato fries}
{White chocolate dipped strawberries}
{Yellow cupcakes with cream cheese frosting}

Sadly, I burnt the steak.
And my children were well aware of it.
And they let me know.
Sweet things that they are.

Gift bags make great centerpieces.

And favor boxes make for a darling way to put out single servings.

But pity-party or not I couldn't have asked for sweeter company. There was a sparkle of irony in being crabby and eating crab that got me smiling. It didn't take me long to get into the fun of our intimate gathering and forget about what this little party wasn't and focus on all that it was.

Because even if the you are missing your dearest, and you are missing an evening of grown-up glamour, and you don't manage get all the food coordinated enough not to over-cook a bit of it, and you don't have elaborate gifts to give or an extensive guest-list...

The party happens where your heart is.
And Valentine's Day is a lot about hearts, afterall.

Raimie Lu


  1. Shoot. Wish I could have been there. Weirdly enough. I LIKE burnt steak. :) Raimie... I could take some good lessons here about how to "share" love. You do it VERY well!

  2. dear Loving to Love,

    Perf. I'd say!

    When the party happens

  3. I love parties too...pity or not. :-) Looked absolutely perfect!

  4. Looks like you did a sweetheart of a job (even with a little burn!)


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