The treat of "Love Day"

I know it's over-commercialized.
I know some think it was invented to make Hallmark rich.

But I love Valentine's day.
Despite the arguments milling about in my head and among the dis-believers in the holiday.

I think it's because I love loving. Therefore I like the idea of having a special day to celebrate that emotion. I like having a day every year to say, "I love you!" in over-the-top sorts of ways. The every-day "I love yous" are essential and endearing and I fully believe in the necessity of unexpected, impromptu loving gestures. But Valentine's Day offers an occasion to celebrate love in a different way.

Not more important or as a replacement to the every day things we do.
Just a fun addition to our routine.
A mark on the calender that gives us the cue to get our love-jam on.

Besides, without aisles of  Valentine's Day "booty" what would we do when we wanted to throw a love-themed party? And you never know how aften a girl like me might wanna do that!

And as I am me...
I bit of a rather large chunk of things to do in preparation of Valentine's Day.

Tuxedo marshmallow-pops (made with heart-shaped marshmallows) to be given with T-boy's Valentine's.

Marshmallow pops to go with Bee's Valentines.

Here they are, all wrapped-up and pretty.

Mini loaves of banana bread for some special school staffers.

Love-bug cupcakes for T-boy's class  party.

And on this same day our Jr. Women's Club meeting was scheduled to have our book discussion on Suzanne Collins' book The Hunger Games. So I made Oreo truffles to celebrate a book I really enjoyed reading. A good book and a truffle... yum!

And lastly, two mini Valentine gift-bag albums for Bee and T-boy's teachers. They are made the same way as the Christmas gift-bag albums and the Valentine gift-bag album I made for Mr. Loggerhead just with mini gift-bags.

And I loved it all... planning it, making everything and watching each set of recipients enjoy the treats of the day.

I went to bed happy that night feeling like I had amply showered "Love Day" with love...
And just a bit of sugar.


  1. That middle boy of yours is growing right up!! He doesn't look like little boy anymore, he is starting to look like a school boy.

  2. Too, too creative. I've started Hunger Games during volunteer time at the library but don't own a copy... I'm thinking I need to finish it, I've heard many good reviews. Wonder if I can buy one with a truffle like that? :)

  3. I honestly have no idea how you do it! Wish I lived closer so I could come over and take lessons. ;) By the way... thank you, thank you, thank you for the happiness booklet you sent my way. It is one of THE best gifts I have ever received. And it very much appeals to the "romantic" and "list-er" in me. ;)

  4. Could it be that those extra crafty people out there( like you) love it a little bit more? You are amazing Prairie Hen.

    Happy Valentines Day...a little late!

  5. dear ValentineGirl,

    It sure is fun to see what your creatively-energetic gene is serving up these days. Whats NOT to love about all those treats & pretties?

    Looking in your 'window' here

  6. Good grief girl! That's amazing! (and VERY impressive!)


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