Tea with the girls

There are certain ways to spend a day that are truly worthwhile in a lovely and indulgent way...

Tea with the girls is one of my favorites.

One of my dear friends invited some of us for a Valentine's Tea, I planned to go, I was excited at the prospect. But I sent my brain to Texas with Mr. Loggerhead and I frankly forgot all about it until I was busy getting things ready for Love Day and was running to Walmart for "just one more thing" and I got a text from a friend asking if I wanted to ride with her to the party!


But you know, it's a good exercise to know you can clean up pretty nicely in less than forty-five minutes And an even better (and more insane) endeavor to get your daughter cutied up in that amount of time as well!

But there was a party to attend!
Walmart and cupcakes could wait!

Being flexible enough to change your plans in a minute is a good exercise too... since it seems to be a frequently required action in life.

So glad I made that turn-around.
It was so worth it.

Basking in the sunny dining room of my friend's beautiful home. Slurping, snacking and sipping (pinkies out, of course). Lovely.

Pouring over baby and wedding pictures of the attendees... Thank goodness for chronological and scrapbooked photo-albums or I'd have never been able to put my hand on these pages in the 2 minutes I had.

(Thank you, Mother, for your help in that!)

Darling Valentine-y decorations, putting us in the mood for a heart-y time.

Bee was thrilled to be included in the event. She deemed it a big-girl thing to attend... and believe me when I say that one of the hardest things I face as a mother of an only daughter is to explain why so many of the "girly" things I get invited to are not for children. She doesn't really consider herself "little" and she is most definitely "girly".

These darling girls were there too and Bee was more than excited to get to share a table with such lovely and "grown-up" girls. And they were so sweet to her.

Bless you both!

And their mom is the dear friend who saved my bacon and dragged me (quite willingly) away from my to-do list for a splendid afternoon of conversation and a comforting cuppa.

What a winning trade over Walmart's germy cart-handles and my messy kitchen.



  1. Reminds me of a tea party or two we've had from days gone by. LOVE it.

  2. Dear Cup full & overflowing,

    You did indeed win. Looks sweet all the way around.

    in a tea cup


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