{DIY} Love Gift {Bag Album For Mr. Loggerhead}

Before Mr. Loggerhead left for Texas we celebrated our own Valentine's Day. I wanted him to have something with pictures of us to look at while he was gone.

Call me sentimental...
or just mental.

I used the same system as the Christmas Gift Bag Albums I made in December. I just used smaller gift bags for the covers.

These darling vintage valentines gift bags made cute pages and a pocket on the cover for any love notes I send him him while he's in the South.

Darling pictures of my babies (and a few of myself - not so darling) decorate the pages and hopefully keep him from missing our faces too much... but entice him to come home soon!

Excited for "Love Day" tomorrow... what are your plans? Any heart-y crafts up your sleeve?



  1. thats a darling idea/gift.
    When Ben used to truck, I'd tuck little things (like this) in his bag.
    Now, it's the kids slipping notes in his lunchbox.
    thinking of you flying solo.. been there, done that for far too long.

  2. Dear Raimie,

    This scrapbook is amazing. I know he'll cherish it when he's away from you all.

    For our Valentines cards this year, the kids found a picture they liked on the computer and we put a message on it and made our own cards. It was simple but they still felt like they "made" them and they had fun. Tonight we'll whip up some treats for their class parties. :)

    Thank you SO MUCH'S for the card and best of my day journal! What a sweet idea and I feel so special that you sent one to me. I love the idea and I've been filling it in. I hope to post about it :)

    Have a wonderful heart day! Love, Alison

  3. Dear crafty niece-
    That is so cute!
    Sorry we missed seeing you last time, and thank you too for the fun little journal pad.
    You always amaze me with the things you just "whip up"! ;)

  4. dearHeart,

    This reminds me of our special unexpected day together last Saturday when you were putting it all together here. Loved seeing it up close.

    Today the rest of my valentine cards are winging their way [on cherub-wings?] for tomorrow delivery. (I hope anyway!)

    Our littlest sweet Valentine was a joy to have here the last few days. It was kinda hard to say goodbye... I know you missed him tho.

    Tomorrow morning I think I will make Valentine-egg-in-a-holes for breakfast.

    This Sweet-Sweet day of the year


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