Puppy Love

Another one of our children faced their school concert without Mr. Loggerhead and survived.


Actually it was pretty amazing. T-boy is not one to perform for a crowd... he generally saves his antics for small groups of family or just me, his mother. This was a first for him  - in more ways than one, it was actually the 1st time the child wore a tie (besides the ratty ones from the dress-up box just for fun).

I know, I know, it's scandalous!
I just haven't been one for youthful formal wear... I'm a jeans/khakis and a polo kind of mom.

I am also the kind of mom who thinks her children's music program's are about the cutest things I've ever seen. This one was in holding with the time of year and boasted a program of puppy-related love songs. How Much Is That Doggy In The Window and I Love My Dog As Much As I Love You and so forth.

He was so funny about his program, wouldn't tell me any of the songs he was to sing because he said it was my Valentine's surprise. It was a perfect love gift seeing him up there singing, dancing and not goofing-off even once.

I mean, everybody thinks their kids' concerts are good... but mine really are! [wink-wink]

It helps that the kids in our school are all so cute!
(again, totally biased)

And there is the small thing of having a great music teacher. Thank you again, Mr Janda!

And what is a star-performer without the enthusiastic fans?
We played our parts, clapping, whistling and whooping, with abandon. And at this age, he was pleased by this vs. being embarrassed.

He was quite smashing in his tie and I may even have him wear it again.
But don't quote me on that.

Ties To My Heart, in NE


  1. Ohhh...yes, yes, he IS smashingly handsome! And I'm sure if I would have seen a video of the concert I would have been propperly impressed. ;) Congratulations T-boy on a job well done! And so glad you could have such admiring fans. Not everyone has that you know. You.Are.Special!

  2. I LOVE music concerts!!! So glad ours started doing them for the first time last year... when Kekoa started Kindergarten. Handsome boy you have there.

  3. Ah, he is quite the handsome little man!
    I quite admire the "dress-up"--Thankfully for me my boys didn't mind a bit either.


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