Formal Gone Wrong

Dear Friends,
My husband was not very impressed.
I came out of the bathroom in my get-up and he attempted not to choke.

Shame on me, I didn't even try to hide my glee.

I was born in the mid-eighties so most of the big hair, neon make-up and other iconic fashions of the era were long gone before I was remotely aware of such things.


A 'Formal Gone Wrong' party?
A required costume representing a garish dress custom of a time past?

Sounds like fun!

But for my poor husband... my 80's revival was a painful reminder of the worst (read: girl-ridden) bits of middle-school.

I barely got a kiss on the way out the door!
Ok, that probably had a lot more to do with the hot pink lipstick than any deep male emotional trauma... But then, there is something traumatic about hot pink lipstick, isn't there?

The party was a blast.
A blast from the past.

Thank you to all my Jr. Women's Club co-members for a fabulous (and frizzy-haired) evening!

The 80's Baby in NE


  1. ohhh...I just LOVE it! I DO remember that time and though I didn't sport the neon make-up, I did have some garish clothing! I can think back to my neon green, neon pink, and neon yellow shoes and wonder what on earth I was thinking. I'll tell you what I was thinking - I was thinking I was pretty cool! (hanging head in shame) Fun, fun, thanks for sharing your night!

  2. Wow - so much big hair in one place! What fun!

  3. L.O.V.E it!

    Happy New Year to you and your family!!!!

  4. dear 8o's, oh Baby!

    How fun is that?! Some of that was NOT my favorite part of that era. Glad you got to "experience" it without having to LIVE it heh heh!

    YOU and your little sis were the BEST of the best in the 80's for me


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