I Wanna Hippopotamus For Christmas {Ist Grade Concert}

 She came home from school humming Christmas carols. They had been practicing for weeks. She was shivery and giggly- in a nail-biting, toe-tapping, can't stop dancing tug-a-war of nerves and excitement. It could only mean one thing...

It was time for the 1st grade Christmas concert!

Only one glitch.
Daddy couldn't be there.

He owed his baby-girl real big for this one and he did his best to make it right.
Several rounds of Old Maid...

Her first delivery of flowers,
and a promise to pour over the video Mommy was going to take as soon as he got back from his out-of-town job.

* She was appeased *

Lucky for our girl there were some other special people cheering her on from the audience.

I loved the whole show. It was a perfect medley of traditional "Up On the Housetop" caroling and snazzy "Wanna Hippopotamus For Christmas" fun. On one hand it was old fashioned, timeless Christmas pageantry  but on the other it was new and precious because it was my daughter's 1st concert experience...

and she's seven...
And that only happens once.

But a hippo?
In my garage?!

That's not gonna happen!
Not even once!

 Thank you, Mr. Janda!
You're the best.


  1. How cute! I was so disappointed when they did away with the Christmas concerts in this district :(

  2. Very fun! Kyrie has had fun Christmas programs these last 2 years - her Daddy couldn't be at hers this year either, and unfortunately I don't have a video camera (or a camera with video on it!) to make up for it! She was happy that baby Bethany decided to wait another week so that at least her MAMA could make it!

  3. dear Christmas Cuties,

    Oh. My. Goodness! if that wasn't the BEST little concert we have seen. Ever. *(read: "Everyone thinks their grandlings are the cutest/smartest/most talented etc, but OURs really are"! hee hee)*

    SO happy we made it there in time

  4. We've had a super run of luck with music teachers, too... I love how they can take so many sweet unpracticed voices and turn it into something memorable.

    So glad you're back... here, on fb... etc. I've seen all your posts flutter through the reader and won't take time to comment on all of them... I'm still catching up from the holidays.

    Ps... "hi" to your mom! :)

  5. so cute!!!! what fun for your family :)


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