Winter Wonderland

Dear Friends,

"I think too much," I thought to myself, "I wonder why... It must be The Winter Thing effecting my brain waves. This cold and the dark grates on me and I find myself doing less and just thinking about doing. I wonder what exactly causes this kind of thing..."

The kids are home from school.

Their noise interrupts my pondering.

"I wonder why they are so loud..."

His smile unhinges my brain and engages my heart.

"I wonder how I got so lucky..."

His antics take off again and he's mock-fighting his little brother.

"I wonder about little boys... How is it they are born with this aggression?"

"This constant penchant for playing dead? I wonder if I could muster the strength to fight my seasonal melancholy with as much ferocity... Could I cheat Winter? I wonder..."

The squeal of the littlest draws my attention. The fighting has moved beyond the realms of pretend and I step in to break it up. Pip is sobbing even as he tried to get in one more healthy *WHACK* on his big brother's torso.

"I wonder -not for the first time- why the little guy tries so hard to follow in T-boy's footsteps. Why does he throw himself into the thick of things? Why, like his brother, does he walk on the edge of reason so often? It's a wonder scampering feet don't get him into more trouble than they do..."

"But look at those pigs!"

My own giggle startles me out of my mental meandering.

Then there is another giggle behind me.

"Uh-oh! I wonder who's idea this was!"

"How did he end up such a sweet and funny combination of his two older siblings? How is he a whole bundle of his own original self as well?"

A sudden realization catches me off guard.

"Hey, buster you and your brother are supposed to be in time-out for hitting! Not playing dress-up! Get back in your chair!"

My gaze leaves my two fidgeting boys in their time-out spots and bounces to the unshaded windows.

"I wonder why anyone would leave their shades down..."

 Why create any barrier to stall the sun's rays, especially as meager as they are on days like today? Why block out the scarce appearance of Nature's artistry at this time of year?"

"The snow has been short-lived. It's been so unseasonably warm here on the prairie."

"Even The Sibs on their visits seem to take every opportunity to tromp about in the glistening landscape. I wonder if the snow's beauty is The Creator's way of compensating for the icy blanket's chilling touch..."

The time-out beeper is sounding the end of the relative quiet and the start of another round of Harrison life at it's best and worst.

"I wonder if I'm ready."

"I wish Lan were still here. Then I could send T-boy and him out to play."

"That always helps when there is too much energy hopping around here.....  I wonder... Maybe I should take them out to blow off some steam... Maybe a romp outside with my children would make me feel better too..."

The truth is, there's no time for just wondering about such things.
Mothering requires action.

Only the dog can afford to watch life from a safe distance.
The rest of us must endeavor to dive in and feel it all for 'reals'.

A Winter wonder-land awaits.
And this time it's not all in my head.

Wonderful Days in NE


  1. Yep, mothering requires action. Yep, going outside would clear your head, just dress warmly and remember you will be getting ready longer than you will stay out, some will want to come in sooner than the others, some won't want to go out at all.
    And... I LOOOVE snow pictures. That's about the only reason I get out anymore. Yours are so good. I love that dress, Lynette was wondering where it was the other day. I wonder if she wanted to put it on one arm. And as a final thought, rambunctious little boys really take a lot out of you...you need to find someplace of refreshing, blogging is a good place to start, 'she says, selfishly'.

  2. Ah! Love the read--and how did they get so big so fast?

  3. I'm glad you're poking your head up in blog-land! (As I shamefully think of my poor, almost abandoned blog.) Motherhood - it's such a strange thing isn't it! Glad you shared photos - of the kids and your snow. It was 73 degrees here today. Not to rub that in or anything. ;) The kids and I have spent several hours outside everyday this week because it just feels sooo good out there! Come July/Aug/Sept it'll be so miserably hot humid we wont want to be out there 2-3 minutes! And, yeah, HOW did your kids get so big and grown up?? Muah!

  4. No winter in sight here - by the way the wind is blowing, you'd think we had skipped winter altogether and gone on to spring!

  5. dear Mothering~Musings,
    This is what i love to see/read...the kiddleywink photos are precious {could it be I am needing some Nana~grandling~hugs today?)and Winter~Wonderland~pix are the best.

    Don't skip one minute


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