Z & I: Happiness And Change

Dear Friends,
Have I ever told you how much I love friendly impromptu photo shoots?
Well, I do.

This is little I.

Little I and I got along just fine. She gurgled and cooed. I took pictures of her to my hearts content.

Little Z is the new big brother. Things have changed a lot in his life here lately. He used to be the baby. I'm pretty sure she rocked his world a bit.

Big changes for little Z.

But being he is the strong, silent type I hardly know what the little guy is thinking.

For the most part I think he likes her just fine.
As long as she doesn't steal his blankie.

And me?

Well, for starters, they call me "Auntie".
The sun is shining in my window, perfect for pictures.
My floor is clear enough to make room for the little cupcake on her blankie.
There's a baby girl in my house again if only for the afternoon.
And look, a cooperative two year old, who holds still during his photo-session!

All kinds of reasons to be happy!

Plus, I'm wearing red shoes.
Red, like a cherry on top.

Baby Love in NE


  1. What precious little ones! Our worlds do get rocked around a bit, but in the end...it's a good rockin'.

  2. Oh, my, she looks just right for snuggles and cuddles and coos and giggles! Absolutely adorable.

  3. Ohhhh yes, Little I could win 'The sweetest baby of the year' award....and Little Z TOOO cute!

    love them Both


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