{DIY} Grandmother's Alphabet Album

Dear Friends,
My grandmother is a beautiful lady, inside and out. And while I think she knows it, I wanted to tell her just how much I love her in printed words. She was headed off to Argentina for several months of missionary work and I knew her grandchildren were going to miss her. All 27 of us.

So I made her an album to take along. It was small enough  to fit in her luggage and housed a picture of each grandchild (with their family, if they have one). I also wrote a poem to go with it that emphasised each letter of the alphabet.

This is a fun thank you gift for any loving grandparent and could easily be adapted. You could, for instance, if there is less than 26 grandchildren, put multiple pictures of each person throughout the album. Or you could feature the only grandchild doing different things that start with each letter. It so happens my grandmother has 27 grandchildren so I was able to put one person per letter plus the "and" between Y and Z.

Here's how to make your own.

So get busy!
Make your grandmother's day!

Grandma's Girl in NE


  1. That is amazing! Thanks for the super how-to photo essay!!

  2. Raimie YOU amaze me! I can only imagine how much your grandma is going to LOVE this gift from the heart. I still LOVE the creative gift from you!!!

  3. That is a really neat book!!! Love it.

  4. I love this book! I think I may try to tackle this for my Mom:)

  5. dear A-mazing, B-eloved, D-aughter,

    It was a treat to get to see this for real, before she headed to So. America.

    The book and all 27

  6. p.s.

    oops forgot to type the C-reative in the C spot. (You might think I don't know my A B C's) ;)


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