My Mother = 200%

Dear Friends,
You know how I love my mama.
So it's only fitting that her face would grace my 200th blog post.

Pictures taken outdoors, no flash. PW "Cooler" action (50%), PW "Vintage" action (PW Vintage - 80%, Noise - turned off, Layer 1 - 20%)  

Dear Mom,
Thank you for:
  • Good advice
  • Hours of phone time
  • The best 'Nana bread recipe in the world
  • Teaching me to read
  • Encouraging me to write
  • Endless support
  •  All your sweet comments.

I dedicate post number two hundred to you.
I love you 200%

Love always,
Your daughter in NE 

P.S. You may have noticed (or not) that it appeared that I wasn't posting all this month... well, I was, in fact, posting but something was wrong with the feed-burner resulting in any new posts not appearing on your readers and/or blog-rolls. I have fixed it (I think) and we are back to normal programming. Or as normal as things get around here anyways!


  1. A lovely tribute,
    Lovely Photos,
    A lovely Mother you have,
    She is very very special & lovely!! ♥♥♥

    Proud to be called her sis-
    down the road
    in NE

  2. YAY! your post showed up this morning on my blog list! This is a great post about your MOM! She is special to me to because... she has become a little part of my life! Much love g-key!

    Your Montana friend who REALLY hopes to meet you BOTH in person someday,
    Hugs, Alison

  3. dear Girl-O-Mine,

    Happy 200th blogPost! I feel totally undeserving, but honored to be part of your story.

    Hopelessly Hooked

  4. Awww... and your Mom most definitely leaves sweet comments. ;) Pretty sweet post dedicated to your sweet Momma.

  5. What a beautiful Mama you have. I wish you lived closer to her : (. The pictures are stunning.

  6. Very special, and I know there's a Momma thankful for and loving a very special daughter. Really, really missed having you and your mom come through here this summer.

  7. Your mom is beautiful, but she is even more beautiful on the inside than she is on the outside. If you can be even a little bit like her, you will be a wonderful person.

    (And you are pretty nice already, but you still have a ways to go)

    Love you both!

  8. Your Mama has always been a very pretty lady!

  9. Your mom is so beautiful! She is just as beautiful inside, and I feel ever so lucky to have crossed paths with her...and YOU! Beautiful post Raimie dear.

    As for all the blog post...I did miss them, and they weren't popping up...glad it's fixed now. Wouldn't want to miss a single post of yours.

  10. 200%. I know she's feeling fully repaid. Beautiful!


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