Survivor Pops: Breast Cancer Awareness Marshmallow Treats

Dear Friends,
I am a marshmallow pop addict.
There I said it.
It's been burgeoning here in my heart for a while now.
Now you know the truth.

The thing is that they are easier than cake pops.
No baking.
No crumbling.
No falling off the stick.
And kids love them.

Perfect for spur of the moment, clumsy ol' me.
I love you Bakerella... but I'm lazy.

 Here's my latest version of marshmallow pops with a nod toward Cancer survivors and Breast Cancer Awareness.

You will need:
  • Strawberry marshmallows
  • Chocolate covered sunflower seeds (just the hot pink ones)
  • White chocolate almond bark
  • Coconut flakes
  • Strawberry Yogurt Burst Cheerios (just the pink cheerios)
  • Large white heart-shaped sprinkles
  • A toothpick
  • One red Foodwriter pen
  • Lolly pop sticks
  • Pink narrow ribbon
  • Small cellophane treat bags

Put a stick in each marshmallow. Be careful not to push it all the way through. Only a little past the 1/2 way point.

In a microwave safe bowl melt the Almond bark until creamy (following instructions on the package). Holding the pop by the stick, dip the top, back and some of the sides in the almond bark. Lightly tap the stick against the edge of the bowl to dispense any excess Almond bark.

This will be the hair so you'll get some looking like this and some looking like Elvis. Uniformity is not essential.

While the Almond bark is still soft dip the pop in a bowl of coconut flakes. Make sure it's good and covered with "hair".

 These are meant to have a little crazy look... kinda like me with bed-head hair.
Poke the stick of each pop into a 9x13x1 sheet of Styrofoam while the Almond bark hardens.

Tip: I used a piece of Styrofoam that came as packing in some box or other. I save it in my baking cupboard and use it whenever I make marshmallow pops. 

Use the toothpick to put a dab of melted Almond bark on the face where the eyes should be.
Add two pink cheerios for glasses. Have fun with this as some of the cheerios are slightly different in size and shape.

Add a bulbous pink nose by sticking a chocolate covered sunflower seed into the Almond bark that squished out between the two Cheerios. Again, play with your food, the sunflower seeds are all different shapes and sizes just like, well... real noses!

Use the Red Foodwriter pen to add unique mouths to each "lady".

Using the marker again, draw tiny pink ribbon symbols on the white heart-shaped sprinkles, one for each Survivor Pop.

Attach with Almond bark. She's almost ready to rally!
Note: This project is not too difficult and is a great time for talking to your 6-12 year-old about Cancer and getting them interested in The Cause and finding a cure. My brother, Jax, was a super helper.

Optional: Add head-scarves to a few of your ladies for added fun and personality.

I had to restrain myself from making polite conversation.
They were looking so much like little old ladies I've met before.

Can't you just hear the whole gaggle chatting it up?
Come on!
It can't just be me...
Can it?
If you aren't going to be serving the pops immediately they can be put in individual cellophane treat bags and tied shut with a pink ribbon.

Place them in a bowl or basket and they'll go like hot-cakes at your next party, gathering or event. Well, as long as your children and/or friends don't have any problem munching on old ladies resembling their grandmother...

Mine don't.

Marshmallow Madness in NE

P.S. When we loaded up our ladies into the car there was a mishap involving the five year old and the very full basket of treats. The ladies took a flying leap and I was sure they were done for... after picking them up and discovering they were all intact my brother piped up, "Well, you did say they were survivors, didn't you?"

So to all you Cancer survivors (Breast Cancer or otherwise) and to all of you who have been touched by Cancer in some way... You have taken a leap of faith that I cannot imagine. You have picked yourselves up and went on. You have remained intact and spiritually whole despite pain and loss. You have survived.

I salute you.
You are no marshmallows... You are mighty.


  1. Raimie, these are awesome! just darling little survivors!

  2. dearest Mrs.Marsh,

    I loved seeing these,but regretfully, did not get to taste one of the little Marshmallow-Masterpieces. Did you give one to Gr'ma K on Saturday?

    Honored to know some survivors, and remembering ones we lost.

  3. Simply brilliant and creative! I'm impressed!


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