Magnolia's Merry Making: Baby Play and Cuddle Quilt

Dear Friends,
Want a peek at something I was working on instead of blogging?
Excuse me, what Magnolia was working on.

Maggie, I slipped.
I know it was all you, honey.

I better be more careful. I gotta stay on her good side, you know.
I need all the help in the sewing department I can get.

Well, I need help in EVERY department, actually...
But that's not the point at the moment, is it?

Moving on.

This is it.
The play and cuddle quilt for my new little "niece" Isabella.
She can lay on the detailed side and play for that quintessential infant tummy-time.

Lots of texture and interest for her little eyes and hands.
Ohhhh. Those tiny fingers.

The back is this fleecy cupcake-y patten which she can sleep on or under.
All cuddly and warm....

Unaware of the yearning feelings she gives me for another perfectly scented pink dollop of human life.

Magnolia's Maid in NE


  1. Absolutely amazing! Did you have a tutorial for it or just wing it?!

  2. dear with CreativeWings,

    How did I miss this??? Very adorable, and I would love to have a look at it for real. A sweet gift for an OH SOOOOO sweet and special little "package".

    Cuddling that babyGirl


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