Smily Face: Loving Lunch with a Friend

Dear Friends,
This is Julie.
She is my friend, confidant, fellow-blogger, and an all-around lovely person.

She is a mother, like me.
We insane ones must stick together, you know.

Sadly we don't live very close together so we only get to see each other (outside blog-land) once or twice a year. I got lucky recently when she had family passing through our area and she decided to come up to see them. We got to meet for lunch on a Sunday afternoon, a rare and delightful treat.

We took our five mutual children, plus Katie and Mr. Loggerhead to Culvers.
Our children were, of course, perfectly well behaved...

Actually, they were perfectly normal instead.
Which is fine too.

*Stop for a moment to stare with rapture at my baby.

I love these kids.
I look at this picture and my face is plastered with a big smile.

Just look at them...
Enjoying the warm day.
Getting to know each other.
Running around like crazy scaring other (childless) Culvers patrons.
Keeping their mothers too busy for any real conversation...

The good life.

Look at these eyes. Imagine these baby-blues mixed with my girl's sparklers...

Okay, OK, I'll be good.
I don't want to scare my friend away from Nebraska for good.

Besides, I'm pretty sure Bee is already betrothed to another one of my blogging friend's sons. This 'getting together with friends' thing is getting more and more complicated... at least in regards to my poor daughter's future.

You may not want to have me over.

Still Smiling in NE


  1. How did I miss this post? So fun that you got to get together with Julie. Our kids are growing up WAY TO FAST!! And so is Katie - wow! I went back and looked at the post on my blog from when y'all were down here and...whaaa! Our babies were such babies back then! And, yes, I took a moment to properly appreciate my future son-in-law. ;)

  2. Raimie! Your blog isn't updating on my list for some reason. hmmmm...

    I need to get caught up here I see! missed you all! thanks for a fun new blog to watch!

  3. I somehow missed this post.... anyway, I loved it! My crazy kids would fit right in. Someday we need to meet in person! I promise not to complicate all the betrothals. :)

  4. dear Lunch in Real life,

    Oh, yeah, I so relate to this scene. Glad you got together. I've had the priv of meeting her IRL too @ MVille and what a sweetie!

    When friends meet up


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