How do they tolerate me?

Dear Friends,
High pain tolerance levels.

That's all I can figure out.

Otherwise, how could they, my family, manage not to smack me up side the head for incessantly poking my camera in their faces, asking them to adjust their poses (even when they aren't posing) and being a general Canon-armed nuisance?

What do you suppose attracts us to photography, anyway?

I don't know for sure.
But I do know I can't help it.
I don't want to help it.

I see the beauty, the artistry and soul-searching, thought provoking design of Life and I want to freeze the color, the movement, the light. I want to make an image that will stand out clear against the blur of passing time.

So I can look back, take my time savoring the views I've witnessed.
So I can set in my heart the expressions and characters of the ones I love so much.
So I'll never forget this time.
It's the time of our lives.
And I'm having it.

And I'll keep having it...
If they'll tolerate me.

Snap, Cackle, STOP in NE


  1. These are great pictures of Landon!

  2. Long time, NO post!! :)
    Graduate of '12?

  3. So glad you can't/don't want to stop! These are priceless - Landon may not realize it yet - but yo momma does! ;)

    another Canon-armed nuisance

  4. We take pictures because we are afraid we will forget, because life is so fleeting, because this stage doesn't last.

    I can only remember I do things if I take a picture.

  5. dear Documenting through a lens,

    GREAT shots of LanMan! I too, love this time in our life. But then YOU would know, that its always been that way with me: I never have wished it to hurry on to the next...just always wanting to see and remember the preciousness of now.
    I am also very VERY glad to have a lens-happy talented girl with a super camera and desire to photgraph some for me too.

    photos to go with the journaling

  6. We need YOU!! Kylie is going to be needing the fun senior pictures here real soon, and you would be perfect to take pictures!! Oh if we just lived closer.

    Great pictures of your handsome little brother.


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