May Days

Dear Friends,
I am backing up.
Can't help it.
There is a historian in me that feels a mite ill when I skip a chapter.
The historian lives next door to a perfectionist who insists on having things in order.

It's two against one.
I have no choice.

May days on our piece of Prairie looked like this:

It's a wild expanse of humanity and stuffed animals.

The terrain is well accustomed to the pounding of horse hooves and small feet.

 {Mother's Day 2011}
The monotony is broken by the welcome addition of extra smiling faces at our table.

Occasional spurts of civility allow for mannerly behaviors like "tea" to creep in spontaneously and unannounced.

But not too civilized.
-- Note the lack of shirts and table cloths.

It would be too much to ask to have it all together.

But isn't he talented?
Some trade their good etiquette gene for one of a more, shall we say, showmanship quality.

The prairie is not without perils.
Some in the form of rodents.

This little guy was trapped in our porch roof.

Look out, his cuteness may kill you.
If you don't die from your children's dagger-eyes first.

"You may absolutely NOT keep him."

Our Prairie is not too far from their Prairie.
Thank goodness.

Can you tell she's happy about that?

Or maybe she's happy about cat.

We have no Titanics on the windswept plains.
But who needs it?
Hop on a turtle and you'll king of all that you see.
(Read Yertle the Turtle, that's an order)

And believe me there are some very pretty things to see around here.

The model poses are cracking me up!
This is his father's little suit.

Mr Loggerhead.



I'm from the Prairie.

Happy Here in  NE


  1. dear Merry May,

    Thanks for the re-cap of MAY. I miss May already, its the best.

    I know that 'historian-perfectionist'....it' in me too!

    The MamaOne,
    (Glad our prairies are not too far apart too)

  2. We had two pet coons growing up. Thanks for bringing back memories of those days. We had one marvelous summer with Coonie. The day he met his demise was a sad, sad day for the whole family. Especially my Dad.

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  4. I love the pictures of the boys in Jeff's suit..how cool is that?!!!


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