{DIY} Vintage Playing Card Greeting Cards

Dear Friends,
When I was small we had a game cupboard full of games. My mother was a champion at keeping all the pieces together. Fast forward to 2011, past 6 kids and countless games nights... I'm pretty sure if I open that cupboard in her house I'll see the same Clue we played years ago, intact and waiting for someone to pull 'er out for a friendly round.

Me? You know me. I can hardly keep it together in my head, let alone my game shelf.
So along came a darling set of vintage Old Maid cards.
Along came my children.
Goodbye complete set.
Goodbye sanity-- but then that had nothing to do with Old Maid.

Or did it?

Either way, here is a fun thing you can do with those incomplete sets of old playing cards that haunt your game collection.

Fill them with wise words or wise cracks.
Send them to your mother, your brother or any other.

Your game cupboard will thank you. 

A Cheeky Card in NE


  1. dear Card-ette,

    I love this idea...You did a super job on the cards, and we all got laughs over the comics too.

    The Game-Keeper


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