The Tune of June

Dear Friends,
Have you ever heard a merry little tune; a dancing tune,
But the more you listened to it, the more you heard a tiny underlying melancholy note?
Barely audible. Hard to perceive.
But still there.

That is the song of our June 2011.

Over-flowing with Puerto Rico memories.
But missing the slice of our family we left behind there.

Loving Summer.
But seeing Fall approaching much too quickly.

The song sounds a bit like Happy Birthday.
But it gets lost somewhere in "Where, oh, where has my baby gone."

It's a song about time flying.

and cake.

A song about enjoying every last bite. 

And smacking lips.

It's a song about turning two.
A love song.
A lullaby.
Beginning with "Rock-a-bye Baby" and turning to "Little boy Blue".


The verses tell of daily routines.
Meals. Naps.


Those eyes.


Some of the notes sound like rays of morning sunshine flitting across your skin.
Energizing you like a good cup of coffee in your favorite mug.

The whole thing is made up of ordinary notes; like go to work, clean the house, change the toddler.
But something in the arrangement makes it special.
Like turning a run to the office into a date.

The melody breaks a few rules.
Hits some accidental notes.

The theme is a delightful one. The score  swells and brings the focus right back to the main point of the song.
The Familiar.
The Comfortable.
The Vital.

In the end it still sounds like Happy Birthday.

And the good news is that I like birthdays.
And she likes the gift I made her.

And he (really) likes this card.

And he likes that pop.

So we're all happy.
We like June's tune.

After all, It's a song about cake.
And cake makes every song better.

Humming Along in NE


  1. Mmm...that flip flop cake is adorable! I like your Tune of June!

  2. What a pretty tune. I loved hearing it sung by you. :) Your blog is marvelously fun and real and creative. Love you, lovely Ms. Prairie Hen.

  3. dear Tuning in to JUNE,

    June's tune was sweet and special, now I want to see/hear one for July. I am missing a camera, and totally dependent on YOURS!!

    All you capture with yours


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