It's a Taino Thing

Dear Friends,
What is the romance of a lost people?

The familiar ones:
The Aztecs.
The Mayans

And maybe less known:
The Tainos.

I don't know what it is...
The mystery of why?
The wondering over what might have been?
The sketchy facts?

I don't know but I fall for it every time.
In Puerto Rico, it's all about the poor Tainos...

Eaten by the Carribe (neighboring cannibales).
Enslaved by the Spanish.
Killed by Foreign disease.

These guys had it pretty rough.
Little is known about them except that they were peaceful, and too trusting of the "White devils" who came to steal their island and make it a rich port (the meaning of Puerto Rico).

So when ever we have a moment of kindness to one another... or get a little silly... or sneeze...
We say, "It's a Taino thing."

Maybe it is and maybe it isn't.
But who's gonna argue?

Here's an overview of our visit to the Spanish fort in San Juan.
Sad history but it still leaves you with a sense of awe.

Get down you birdbrain! and I'm not talking to you pigeons!

Just a second mom... we gotta see how far we fall if we climb down this dark hole!

Here's that girl I love!

Aw, war and then peace... and we call it family!

Oh, this boy, this boy, this boy!

and my Pipster, Pippee, Pipsky. 

And I wonder where T-boy gets it!

After the fort we walked around downtown. I love the sea breeze, the colorful buildings and the shops of San Juan.

I want to Winter in one of these houses.

See the fish?

Had to have us some snow cones... It's a Taino thing... well, it would have been if they would have known about electricity, ice and High Fructose Corn Syrup.

Why so glum, boys?

Ok. Ok. Next time just relent, swallow your pride, save yourself the angst and get yourself a  dog-gone snow cone!

Kicking off your shoes in the street... it's a Taino thing.

I laughed with glee when a public demonstration for better streets and stuff marched by. Their chanting was comical.
 I couldn't help it. It's a Taino thing.

Enjoying the view all through the city... More of a woman thing, really.

A Tiny Bit Taino in NE


  1. Wow--your photos gave me goosebumps, did I mention I just love the feeling that you manage to capture in them?
    Oh yeah, I mean they did until the last one, then I snorted--hehe!
    I am assuming of course that you will have one awesome PR scrapbook--right?
    (yeah I know....it's been 8 mo. since my trip--I have 3 pages done. My problem is, I want awesome & FEELING. I'm intimidated I think (by my own lack of being able to adequately express it)

  2. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these pictures. Intersesting how Puerto Rico got it's name...never knew, but now I do.

    You take some great pictures Mrs. Prairie Hen!!!

  3. Dear T'ain't~no~joke,

    I keep thinking: "Ah, now THIS is my fave PR~Post yet" and then....another one comes right up to tie with the last!

    History (anywhere, anytime)
    Cornfields (but they don't make a safe fortress)

    I'd Winter there in a Heart~beat.


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