Surprising Places

Dear Friends,

Another post about....

Puerto Rico!


I love surprises.
When I was growing up the thing I wanted most for my birthday was a surprise party.
The problem?
No one knew that.

See, somehow, actually writing it on your wishlist...
The very act of telling someone...
Well, it sorta spoils the whole idea of a surprise, doesn't it?

So this post is aboust  2 surprises that happened in Puerto Rico.
In the same day!

How did I rate?

As you may have guessed from my other PR posts, we went to the beach a lot on our vacation. In that way, this day was no different than the others.

Except that we were specifcally looking for: a smallish, close-ish, family-ish, beachy ---  well, for lack of a better word, Beach.

I mean, not to be picky, or anything.

Our hosts thought they knew of a spot. The thing was that the last time they were there it was pretty messy and unkempt. So we thought we'd go check it out and and then head over to a different spot.



It was great.
All cleaned up.
Great clear water.
Shallow enough for kids.
Nice sand.
A food vendor just in case.


Just what we were looking for!

After a day of swimming and sunning (no sunburns this time, thank you very much), we headed to the hot baths.

Annnnd, yeah, about the hot baths...
We visited them five years ago and I was less than impressed.
They were tucked back on the side of a mountain, just some small concrete pools.
Not cared for super well.
Not very attractive.

Not my idea of amazing.

But the local people set great store in the water's healthy componants.
And Mr. Loggerhead wanted to go back.
And Mr. Loggerhead wanted to take his dad.
And Mr. Loggerhead was driving.

So Mr. Loggerhead won.
We went.


Don't you just love that Pip looks like he's baffled by the conversation? Ha!

They were a lot closer to amazing this time.
They have completely redone the area.

Only pristine cement to be found.
Sweet gardens.
A gracious steward looking after everyone's comfort.

I love these kinds of surprises.

That said, there are some surprises even I can do without.
Like the kind I get while walking through the kitchen in my stocking feet... unaware of the fact that someone spilled raspberry jelly all over the floor.
Jus' Sayin.
Heart-leaping in NE


  1. So glad you got some lovely surprises. I have to admit that even tho I really love the anticipation rather than the surprise in most cases, once in a while there is a lovely surprise that comes along & I do enjoy it. I think that I really don't like being taken un-aware.

  2. YEP...those are the kind of surprises I am talkin' about too. Looked pretty much close to perfect Raimie!

  3. Dear Sparkling~Southern~Surprises,

    That photo of Latham floating holding his toe is a Winner!

    Seeing: Soft~Sunkissed~Smiling~ Swimmers
    by the


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