Gala's Gala

Dear Friends,
Second to last Puerto Rico post, I promise!

This is my Gala girl (left).
See, her smile lights up the room like roman candles on the fourth of July.

With good reason too,
It was her tenth birthday.

We celebrated with these delightful pastries.

You know they come with a disclaimer that they don't taste right unless you smear the cream and powdered sugar all around your mouth.

It was hard but we overcame.
And over-ate.

Gala wanted one thing for her birthday... to go to La Playa.
We dragged the poor children all around San Jaun and just when they were convinced we would never get to the beach...

We pulled in here.
A tiny, quiet beach in downtown San Juan.
It was magical.

I tell you these people are gorgeous. Inside and out, actually.

A perfect way to end our day in San Juan.
An ideal way to celebrate a precious birthday.

An unequaled way to say goodbye to Puerto Rico.

The sun was going down, on the island and on our visit.
I searched for one last breathtaking view of this beautiful beach country.
Puerto Rico is a lady and she didn't disappoint.

Stamped on my Heart in NE

P.S. Oh, and there was cake. We cannot leave out the cake.

We love you Gala girl. So happy we got to celebrate your special day. Thanks for sharing it with us.


  1. A first double digit birthday is a special birthday indeed. Just as you were glad to share it with her...I have a feeling she was equally glad to share it with your dear family.

    As for those pastries...licking my screen. Okay...no I am not...or am I?

  2. Dear Capturing Puerto Rico's perfect moments,

    What a perfect day.
    What a Perfect LADY.
    What a perfect Picture.


    and btw,
    Southern Sugar looks Sweeter


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