Running Laps Against Time

Dear Friends,
What's more important...

  • What's on top of your lap?
  • What's on your lap-top?

We all know the answer.
Don't we?
Sometimes I forget.

Not today.

He helped me remember.
He turned five.

I am a bit shattered.
In fact I sorta dreaded him getting up this morning because of the day's implications for my little boy.

Five is big.
It takes up a lot of lap.

But he made me laugh first thing.
We sang.
And cuddled.
And talked (mostly about the miles of toys he has on his birthday wish list).
Turns out, five is big in the way of wishes, as well!

After a while he said, "Mommy, please stop calling me, Mr. Five Year Old. It makes me feel weird!"

Ha! I thought, 'Me too, son, me too!'

Then I snuggled him more comfortably into my lap and was happy to see that, five or not, he still fits.

Which brings me to my next thought...

When I look at my life, I see many things that fell into my lap.
Blessings, each one of them.
Unexpected, yes.
Accidental, no.

First there was the realities of growing up.
So not what I imagined as a child.

Then there was building a nest with the love of my life.
Hard work and rewarding beyond belief.

Then my first two turkey's.
Each of them, pink and healthy.
Precious gifts wrapped in the Father's love.
Surprises I'll never forget.

Baby #3 was a little more prepared for. Which was good since it gave me plenty of time to eat lots of cupcakes and make sure my lap was good and padded for the addition!

Turned out it was ample enough to hold three.
Right along with my heart.

But life is busy.
I keep my desk full of projects.
Projects are my Prozac.

I'm good at typing with turkeys in my lap, gobbling and pecking at each other.
I'm even better at getting them to go occupy themselves in some other way.
Good at getting them to leave me alone.

I'm not proud of that fact.
On days like this I don't like that corner of my character.

On days like today I feel inclined to sweep my desk-top clean and open my lap to my growing gooses
That doesn't mean I can completely throw out my to-do list.
Gotta have a plan!

It just means I have to move the snuggles a bit further up the list... knock a few things off to make room for the good stuff... be less selfish with my time... organize and optimize... Tickle-ize.

Because the time will lapse and so will the time for laps.

On the other hand, I am sure my desk will always be full of things to do.
My head full of ideas.
My pen full of words.
My nest full of memories.

But my lap...
I worry about it being empty.
And when it comes to my lap against time...

I want my lap to win.

Pondering Prairie Hen in NE

Most of this was written before bedtime.
Can you tell?

The end.


  1. Aw! So sweet. I
    can hardly believe he's turning 5 already! I'm still remembering that loud & busy baby that we loved having in our Sun. a.m. meeting!
    And I'm looking at this picture just imagining how he's re-charging himself for the next day's worth of gobbling and pecking!

  2. Oh goodness... I can SO relate to this whole post! My BABY turned 4 a few weeks ago and that's just how I felt! HOW can it be?!
    Ah, yes, ... be less selfish with my time... working on that!

  3. dear High-Five,

    I thought about that little 'Favorite-Fabulous-Fiver' all day yesterday. What a great 5 years it's been. He makes us laugh. makes us think. makes us stop now and then and look at things through his eyes. serious. intense. amusing. All at once. Remembering there is a little bit of all of us in him.


  4. *sigh* Thanks for a good reminder. About the laps... not the lapse. I have a boy turning five eleven days from now. And I'm not quite ready for it to happen just yet, either.

  5. Sadly...they do out grow the laps. Thankfully not the heart. Enjoy all those lap moments my friend.

  6. i don't have a lap top yet but my lap is still in use...very rarely though ...except when they're sick..but hugs are good too. love your creative blog!! amazing stuff!!

  7. Perfect post, PH. I miss the days when my lap had other purposes than to hold a lap-top. You've got a beautiful perspective.

  8. I can't believe how fast the time has gone!! 5 years ago my baby was 10, I had only one teenager, I didn't know what the next five years would hold (thank goodness). But the main thing about this five years going so fast, is that even MY life is going too fast and I need to grab hold and slow down.


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