I Tell Ya... Mo' Is Better

 Dear Friends,
Crazy people need caffeine.

--OK, maybe some crazy people would be plain scary on caffeine!
But in our case, we are sometimes scary with out it and often scary either way!

We like to find cozy corners to catch our cuppa'...

They are a typical coffee house-- mixed crowd, some like us, bringing their children, I did say we were crazy, didn't I?

Artsy decor.
Efficient baristas.

But a few things impressed me beyond the norm...

1. There were so many things on the menu I wanted to try. Not just the usual fare of ham and cheese sandwiches and muffins... really good stuff to sink you teeth into and rounded out with a fine drink selection.

I had a bagel with mushrooms and cheese and all kinds of goodness melted on top.
And an iced chai.

(hello, caffeine)

My Loggerhead went for a latte.
The turkeys snacked on cocoa and potato chips, gourmets that they are!

It was good to the last bite.

2. They have some really cool tables in there (sorry, no picture). I am inspired to duplicate them sometime though, so I'll just have to go back in there.
Poor me.

They were small round cafe tables covered in burlap coffee bags. The bags were stretched tight enough to lie flat across the top and edges and then stapled to the underside of the table-top. A lacquer was added to make it possible to wipe the whole thing down leaving a neat look and texture with great ease of use.

3. Who wouldn't like a place where they call the bathroom, The Water Closet?!

So, if you are ever in Lincoln and crazy for some coffee, go here. Mo Java will treat you right...

Because when it's comes to Java, less isn't Mo.

Caffeine Crazy in NE


  1. Glad you enjoyed a family outing! We tried that on Saturday with our family of 4 kids at Costco. Gotta start sometime ;)

  2. What a cozy looking place - kind of reminds me of Barista's when they were downtown - the YUMMY sandwiches and fun chalk board menu's!

  3. I want to go!!!! I love little coffee shops, especially sitting there with a friend, drinking coffee.

  4. As much as I enjoy my coffee, anywhere and anytime--going to a delightful place like this just makes it even better!

  5. Which brings me to an important point. Are you joining us in St. Louis in April so we know where to go to get to Jilly's Cupcake Bar & Cafe? I hear your aunt is looking for some fellow carpoolers. ;) Your Momma could come, too. And your cousin. I think we're up to around 8 attendees or so, so far. Darcie, the invitation still stands for you, too. Hee.

  6. dear Cuppa-Jo,

    Put this on our list for that 'golden-girl-day' we have planned {hopefully soon!}

    Lincoln is calling me


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