Chicken Lips: MMmmmmwah!

Dear Friends,
My six-year old daughter, Bee has hit that stage. ---The one where you feel compelled to get all giggly if you see your parents 'having a moment'.

Yeah, that one.

I remember those days. I didn't ever have the syndrome as bad as my sister though... one show of affection, by our parents, a sweet nothing over-heard and she'd be off.

"If anybody needs me I'll be in the bathroom soaking my eye-balls!!!"

(Can anybody name that comic?)

I think I kinda liked to see the outward signs of their love. It was reassuring that things were right, good and normal...

Or at least as normal as it gets for my family! [eye-roll]

With Valentine's Day in our wake, there is still a lot of love, hearts and pink-ness floating in the air. Bee loves Valentine's Day... For her it's all about the cupcakes. She is a girl after my own heart-- ummm--- er--- stomach.

As for my boy, he was debating whether to deliver a special Valentine to the little red-haired girl down the street... he chickened out, the dear heart.

I was a little glad.
I'm a bit selfish of his affections.
He's only almost five.

OK, OK, I know... I'll try to get over that by the time he's old enough to date... But that's not for another, say, twenty-five years or so!

All jokes aside, I pray for the hearts of my children... That they will be guided by the right things... that youthful heart-breaks won't be too terrible... that they will find healing when they need it... That their father and I can keep it all together and teach them all we know about love...

Even if they make gagging noises as they peek around the fingers covering their eyes.



  1. My dear Lippy-Chicky,

    Cute cute post, and Of course I know Jeremy's statement from the ZITS comic...we have only been quoting it for years right?


  2. That's great--I wondered if it was zits. Funny!

  3. I was going to say Zits too! I'm seeing a trend here...those of us with boys know ALL ABOUT Zits. ;) Sweet post - I think J might be getting to "that stage" too when he gets almost imbarassed if he happens to see Momma and Daddy stealing a kiss. Lia gets flat out jealous! Comes right between us and says "UP!". ;) That's too cute that T boy a little nervous about take the Valentine over to his friend's house. ;) Sweet innocence that we see in our kids.

  4. Haha! I knew it had to be Zits - definitely a Jeremy comment!

    I never understood getting grossed out over parents showing affection - it was comforting and reassuring - so we make sure our kids get lots of comforting and reassuring! LOL! And so far, neither of them is too embarrassed by it.

  5. Great post! Love your last paragraph. I have the same desire in my heart for my kids.

  6. Lovely post, I'm new to enjoying ZITS, but I think I should have been reading it all along, getting prepared by my teenage boy. Thanks for the reminder an important part of a lovely family life.


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