Crabby Patty vs. Lady Luck

Dear Readers,
Have I been sounding a bit crabby?
Complaining about Winter a lot?
Griping? Whining? Moping?
You don't really I have to answer that.
I know.

I'm sorry.
Winter does that to me...
But I let it, don't I?
So again, it's really MY problem, isn't it.

I'll try to do better.
I feel bad for any of you faithful ones who've stuck around while my posts have been so moody and sporadic.

I have actually been working on a lot of things - several of them related to my blog in some way.

  • Crafty and house-y projects that I hope to feature here on The Prairie Hen at some point.

  • Behind the scenes blog-work - like recovering the umpteen million pictures for the 71 posts that were somehow deleted without my knowing it. Something that happened when I moved from my old blog to this one. Ugggg!

  • Building a website more user-friendly and suitable for my blogging needs.

  • Doing a lot of writing, soul-searching and pondering over writing as a career.

  • Plus all the mom and wife things driving me to insanity and feeding my mental stash of blog-fodder.

  • Finding a balance of time on and off the computer for the things I love and need to do.

So in the spirit of chasing away the Winter-blues-bug I'll tell you I am a lucky girl.

I am a lucky girl.

I'll choose not to include any unpleasantness in the luck-assessment.
Like laundry, weight, bills, difficulties...

But I didn't just mention those, OK?

Because I'm lucky.

There is a God and I know Him.
My husband and I love each other.
I get to be home with my children.
My children actually like spending time with me.
We are a mainly healthy crew.
Our house is big enough and plenty warm.
I can go in the kitchen and make a meal when I want to.
Our water runs clear, warm or cold, when we turn it on.
In this Country we are free to make many choices for our family.
We live close to family.
We enjoy sweet fellowship often with our friends.

We are learning, loving, laughing, living...
Mr. Loggerhead, The Pedicurist, The Cowboy, The Puffer-fish, The Guard Dog
And me.

A Lucky Lady in NE


  1. You certainly do have talent. Best to you in your pursuits! I enjoy your blog.

  2. Luck is on your side, along with some serious skills. Happy creating... and living and learning and loving. Can't wait to see how your new website evolves.


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