Be Careful What You Ask For!

Dear Friends,
Don't say, for instance, that for your birthday, ALL you really want is a couple minutes alone...
Face it, people! You don't ONLY want a couple minutes alone...
A whole day.
With roses.
At the spa.


So I had to giggle when I read my sister, Dee's recent comment that included the following, and I quote:
"PS. all I want for my birthday is a post (preferably with old pix that will make me laugh)."

Be very careful what you ask for.

I think I was happy to have a new baby sister.
I don't really remember that well.
I was three.
I remember what I got for my birthday that year, a trike.
It was purple.

I remember the dresser that we got before she was born.
I remember how we rearranged the furniture so the bassinet would fit.

But I don't remember that one essential moment when someone took me up to the hospital and I met my little sister.

(Call me a material girl, but it's true)

Thank goodness for pictures.
Otherwise we would have no proof that I took this very special moment to poke her in the eye.



And here I am strangling her.

Sticking a spoon down her throat.
Are you beginning to see a pattern?

It's no wonder she turned out the way she did...

Poor thing.


Actually we've always been pretty close...
All the eye-poking aside.

We've even survived living together.

In all honesty I think she is beautiful...



And way too lucky!

I mean who can have a big sister who half-mauled you to death as a baby and years later still manage to look like Angelina Jolie after taking a cat-nap on the coach?!!

So unfair!

But then, she's MY sister so I guess that makes me lucky too.

I love you, Heidi.
Happy Birthday!

The Older Sister in NE

P.S. I guess this means I can return the Luis Vuitton handbag and Prada sunglasses I got you, huh?


  1. Naw, don't return them, just send them on up to me. :)

  2. Awww...Happy Birthday to your sweet sister Heidi! Because we were so lucky to meet her, I can say all that you have said about her is SO true.

    You both are lucky ladies to call each other sisters!

  3. Happy birthday to her!

    ahh, the joys of being the older sister :)


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